Sunday, July 20, 2008

I found shoes for the WEDDING!

The shoe hunt had gone from first finding black Patton sandals with a one inch heel (or less) but they threw my back out even that much off the ground. Then when I was visiting the prospective couple in Oregon earlier this month we all decided that it would be just fine for me to go barefoot. I'd have my toe nails pedicured in deep purple (me thinks) and they were okay with that. But today I found some silver shoes that I think will be perfect. They are FLAT and they are strappy and they are silver. My girlfriend Patty had told me from the get go that I needed silver strappy shoes to go with the purple dress, she said they were all the rage this season.

I would not know from "all the rage" or "this season" either so I need help in this area.

And having given up the hunt today I accidentally stumbled upon these in Target while looking for something else altogether. And they are silver and they are strappy and they are flat and they look great with the purple dress and my soon to be silver and purple jewelry! Ta Da! I already feel like a grand belle of the ball, mother of the groom style!

And best of all they are from an Israeli designer. And isn't that appropriate when you realize that my son who is getting married was born in Israel? I think so.
(Be sure to go down one post to see the sweater I finished for my grand daughter today.)


  1. These are great looking shoes.. Good find. They will look dressy and be comfy. You can wear them with pants to when done. maybe a dressy outting like to a Art show opening.??? Why not?

  2. Cris, you have the best ideas!!! Yes, with my new jeans perhaps?
    But I'll save them first for the wedding so they'll look brand new.
    They are actually very comfortable.

  3. Lynn great shoes. Very sophisticated. Man, I havent worn heels of any sort for years and years. And i love the idea of being barefoot at a wedding. But these will be a good substitute.

  4. Suki, I would have been fine with barefoot too, except we are climbing a slight dirt hill on the way to walking down the aisle and then too, I wasn't sure how the East Coast more sophisticated relatives of the bride would view it, so decided to err on the side of caution, don't want to put my son in a bad light right off the bat! LOL Would rather help him get off on the right foot! ;-).

  5. i don't think i have many vices.
    but i know shoes are one of them.

    i've been a bridesmaid nine times. YES - nine times. I wore a silver dress at one of them, and have worn the silver shoes over and over again, more so than any other bridesmaid sandal. So - they will be lovely to add to your wardrobe.

    p.s. I just painted my toenails a lovely purple - and they are perfect. go for the purple! (with sparkles too, if you want to add some glitz to the affair!)

  6. Honour, thank you for your style expertise comments.
    I love your ideas for the polish. I hope she has sparkle! How fun.

    Wait till you see the jewelry I had made for this affair!!!!

  7. very beautiful shoes...
    just dying to see you in all that elegant silver and purple....

  8. oooh la la, you are going to look fantabulous!


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