Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Better Post Something!

Well, I guess I better post something...
There are things to tell, but no photos have been taken lately...
so here are hints of things to come:
1. Working on a new quilted wall hanging from Jim's old Hawaiian shirts for his daughter, Abby. 2. Picked up beautiful jewelry from art gallery, friend/director/jewelry maker Judie made for me to wear with purple dress to my son's wedding next month. 3. Knitting new little sweater for grandson about to turn four. The first yarn I chose was too bulky and will be returned. New yarn (from a yard sale) is light green and light weight and will go well with green frog buttons. 4. Will be babysitting on Saturday so am thinking of art project to bring with us for the kids to enjoy. 5. Best childhood friend, Patty, coming to visit on Friday, we'll do lunch and have fun. 6. I found a quilt rack at the thrift store for cheap, and put it in my bedroom with two of my quilts displayed beautifully on it. 7. Getting ready to hang blog friend's art in a corner in my bedroom: Artist's Corner from Around the World! So you can see the potential for lots of photographs to come...stay tuned.


  1. wow a rainbow of life's happy moments...
    and they are 7, too...

    sure you find the gold at the end of rainbow soon...
    thanks for making our day colorful, too..

    waiting to see the photos...

  2. Henry, where are you? Have you not been up to mischief lately?

  3. Lots to look forward to.
    I am dying to see THE necklace! :)

  4. Elspeth see Henry in the post above, he came in just to see YOU!

    Human Being: So happy to see you here, how is 7 special to you? Yes, a rainbow of wonderful things, are following starting in next above post.

    Cris: Okay, okay, I'll get to the jewels soon! LOL


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