Thursday, July 24, 2008

Art In My Bedroom

Elspeth misses Henry so he had to get into the act here too...
Henry playing around... and Henry out surveying his territory...

What I now see first thing each morning when I awaken and last thing

before I go to sleep at night.

The View From My Bed: All four of our grand kids and my Life's Crazy Pieces Textile Art Quilt.
My Artist Friends' Art from Blog Land: CestAndrea from Paris, Cris Artist in Oregon, Sukipoet in New Hampshire, Karen Art in the Garage from California.

View to my right...

My photos under the window...

Passion Flower, Owls in Love, and Dragon fly
My Rose Quilt on its new quilt rack...
Mostly Green quilt on other side of quilt rack...
Remember these? Bottom is Sukipoets' doll drawing, middle is Andrea's mask,

and top is the doll art quilt piece I made from Suki's drawing!

On the wall by my closet...

It's a whole new experience in this room now and I love it. Thanks to all my artist friends!!!!


  1. these are all so lively and so meaningful, i love the whole look.
    my bro arrived from SA yesterday and he is amazed by my quilt, he says it's a real 'mitzvah' from you, and will be forever a family heirloom. so true.

  2. btw, the giggle (lady on the scale) is yours! will send it soon...hugs and wfs.

  3. Your Bedroom has got to be the coolest room in your house with all your Artists friends Art on the walls, & your quilts showing on the lovely quilt hanger & your Grandkid and your art on the walls.
    Makes a house a home to me. :)
    Very nice.

  4. oh and I forgot to mention Henry.
    He is enjoying all the Art too. :) just becareful he doesnt enjoy your quilts to much and use them as a scraching post. oh noooooo.

  5. Dear FY: Thank your brother for me, his words touched my heart in a very deep place. ;-)
    It warms me to think this quilt is so appreciated and will be kept by future family as well. I cannot tell you how this moves me.

    And know your art that you are sending me will have a special place in my new art gallery in my bedroom among the other great artists of the world!!!

  6. Hooray ... Henry has returned! Looking rather chunky and pleased with himself.

  7. Lynn Your bedroom is fabulous. Wow. And I feel so honored to be a part of the display, twice. That quilt rack is great, i saw one the other day at a yard sale too but no room for it here though I have about 6 quilts in the storage unit. How lovely to be surrounded by all your friend's artwork and your photos and your grandkids. An inspiration.

  8. Suki, Thanks and I do love your art displayed in my room!!!!
    I thought I didn't have room for that quilt rack either, in fact DH saw it first on a different day and I said: "No, no room." Then the other day I saw it again, and this time I brought it home...and wha la! I made room for it!!!!
    I love seeing the quilts displayed this way...and no cat hair on them either (before I had to keep washing them due to the cat laying on them, I was wearing them out!)

  9. Oh what a wonderful post ! Such nice pictures! To start and end your day with all this beauty is a blessing and will surely give you sweet dreams and energy to start the day!
    Love Henry! He sleeps like my Troelie does and he has a bit the same size (jumbo)
    Greetings Marianne

  10. This is wonderful! so warm and lynn-y. thanks for the tour

  11. Thanks Marianne and Mim...I do love my new look in my room, which had just been basic bed and one table for books. Now it soars with activity and art and I love it.

  12. might sound crazy... but i think i had a dream about your cats...!!!

  13. Might be crazy HOPPER: but it's only ONE CAT! He's big though.
    Dream on... ;-)
    did you ever see the photo of the grasshopper I posted?

  14. How lovely to be surrounded by friends and family and fellow artists you've met in blogland. I LOVE the new banner, the owl quilt. What a great much personality!

  15. I have seen that hopper now!!! cool... thanks a lot Lynn...


    it was a little hitch-hiker was it??? cute when little insects do that kind of thing... this one time I had a dragonfly perch on my hat for a whole day while we walked this long trail through the woods back home... it was just thrilled (I convinced myself) to be in our company... and actually made the trip... have more pictures of that grasshopper than of the young lady I was on the trip with (blush)... how bad is that...

    c ya later Lynn...

  16. Well HOPPER, we do love our wild life creatures...Fun to share this with you, and thanks for telling me/us about yours!

  17. henry is so cute!! i love the art walls you've put together too!!

  18. Thanks does give me joy each time I look at those walls.

    You should have seen Henry this morning when I woke up, sitting on my chest with his not so little head just peeking over the sheet top at me. So funny! This closetomyface.

  19. Lynniskynni, I'm reading you blog backwards to catch up with everything (now I wonder if you say that "catch up", sounds so like ketchup) well, and I discover that you so beautifully arranged all our art in your home:) I feel so happy to see my paintings there in good company, your room looks so sweet. And your colourful quilts on the bed and on the chair are highlights!


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