Monday, July 28, 2008

Wonderful Weekend With Kids and Brother

We had a wonderful weekend with our grand kids on Saturday and half of Sunday. On Saturday we picked them up early (with their parents too) and we all went to San Francisco to see the Tall Ships Festival. The little kids really enjoyed being on the ships, hoisting a sail, and listening to sea music. We brought their new two wheeler bikes with training wheels and they biked around the park area we visited next for lunch. It was an exceptionally warm sunny day for a SF summer.

On Sunday, having spent the night at their house, we got up to breakfast together, read some more stories, played indoors and out. This is a sample of my grand daughters art. The long curly line over the girls head is her LONG HAIR with a bow on top. The boy is wearing a crown.
My grandson I learned can write the first names of all his family members, mom, dad, sister and his own. (backwards, but spelt correctly.) They are, he informed me, 3 and 3 quarters now!
[My grand daughter drew some other drawings for me and I told her I'd turn them into cloth I must get busy with that project!!!!] Sunday afternoon we bade them farewell, and went to visit my brother who lives nearby. We took him out to lunch, then the three of us "oldsters" went on a two hour hike for about four miles of marsh land. Really beautiful there, windy, but we were dressed for it. The weather having turned from yesterday's sun to more overcast, foggy, and cold.
When we rested we watched these guys para sailing on the bay.

We saw all kinds of wildlife...

What a great weekend it was!!!


  1. Looks like a wonderful day was had. Nice pictures too. Dont you just love it when in one weekend you can pack in so much fun with so many people.

  2. PS, An Artist is born in your Granddaughter. Love her colors and imagination.

  3. That is some gorgeous spot of the world. Your grandkids are the greatest. Love the drawing. And did you mean backwards not backyards? Glad you had such a fun time. Be well, Suki

  4. Yes, it was FUN being with everyone Cris! The bird life was beautiful to see Bob. Thanks Suki, I corrected that it was "backwards" not "backyards"...silly me. And we are so fortunate to live is this lovely lovely area.

  5. families are everything....sigh...
    thanks for all the lovely photos you sent me...
    3 and 3/4 are the age group i teach now, they soak things up like a sponge, don't they? and so clever too. little darlings yours are.
    thanks for good wishes for steve, he's doing fine now. hugs.

  6. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

  7. Gorgeous Weekend in SF... I haven't been in years... need to plan a drive up the coast!


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