Thursday, July 31, 2008

Busy Week

Magnolia from a humongous tree in my daughter and SIL's home yard
Just feel like sharing:
It's just been a busy week. I've done my best to stay up with most of your blogs, and have enjoyed reading what everyone is up to, writing and creating.
My work plate is full, lots of new clients; am down sizing my office. Getting rid of children's games/toy's as, after eighteen years, I no longer work with kids. Am only seeing adults now. Tomorrow someone from an agency will come to take a cupboard full of them away. (games not kids). ;-) And the cupboard will come home with me and I will use it to store fabric for my art quilting projects.
My grand children will inherit some of the games, the doll house, puppet theater, puppets and some other toys. I feel like a cycle has played it self out in my career. Trying to make life easier, less complicated. If you can call a caseload of adults with depression, anxiety, marital issues, post traumatic stress, substance abuse, etc. uncomplicated. I've already decreased my working days from five to four.
With the idea of more time to create art, which I do on the fifth day! And weekend when we are not galavanting all over town or to enviorns close by.
I'm working with some students and counseling interns and it's exciting to see their excitment for their new field, and how clearly I remember being where they are now, and it seems like only goes by so does... Fortunately for me, I love what I do, being able to be a guide in peoples lives, helping them to see, to figure out how to make changes in their lives, to make things better, to heal. Such rewarding work.
My latest excitement on my personal front is my son's upcoming wedding. The time draws closer as August is tomorrow and two weeks later we'll be celebrating this new union. Two happy people joining together and joining families, east and west, a time of happiness for many.
Thanks for letting me share this with you.


  1. I love those magnolias.
    Sounds like you have a very busy lifestyle at the moment and you still seem to create.
    The wedding is going to be wonderful with all the new finery and weight loss too.:))

  2. oh and that cupboard is now going to be repurposed to hold some fun material for some fantastic future projects. :)

  3. and i'm excited just thinking about it, can't wait to see you in that new dress!
    thanks for the challenge on mim's blog, not doing them anymore....sigh....

  4. Hi LYnn. Lots of changes for you it sounds like. You seem to have a good perspective on it all. Exciting about the wedding. I hope it is fun and goes well for everyone. It is interesting to observe the cycles that our lives go through. I was just writing about that on Katie Jane's recent post. To me, life is full of cycles. Connections seen between this and that, then and now, he and she. Ah, life......

  5. oh Lynn you are a healer and a guide on all fronts....
    wish you all the best in all aspects of your life...


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