Saturday, August 2, 2008

First Figs of Summer, Another Kind of Jewel

It's always very exciting for me to go out and pick the first figs of the season off our large
turkey fig tree. I had it pruned for the first time this year as it seems to double in size each year, and it looks ever much as large or larger now! I also love eating the figs right off the tree. The trick is to get to them before the birds do and here's one they got first obviously.
I try to tell them I leave them all the top most figs, but they come low
and glean mine as well. I guess I don't speak bird well enough to get my
sharing idea across to them.

But there will be plenty for both of us, including all our neighbors!

I love the shape of fig leaves too. They are so big and beautiful.

I wish I could share the taste of them...for me it's better than eating candy.


  1. Lovely figs. We had one that was by our front door of our town house and it got so huge that we finally had to cut it down but it kept trying to come back. Now our next door neighbor has one huge tree and she trys to beat the birds to the fruit. We get to have some when the birds dont get them all. Yummm

  2. oh i love figs too ...also the leaves...
    we call this kind "black fig" in Iran... and they are much bigger...

    and yes they are so yummy... that's why birds don't mind your share... and want it all...

  3. Oh gosh. I do love figs, but have never eaten one right from the tree. Lovely. I'm singing Figarooooo.

  4. I do wish I could send you all a bushel of these deliciously sweet figs. I must go out and see if I beat the birds to the low growing ones at least this morning! Wish me luck.


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