Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wedding Jewels

I borrowed a lovely purple dress to wear to my son's wedding later this month. So I NEEDED jewelry to go with it. I asked Judie Muncy, the director of the local art gallery and a jewelry maker/artisan, if she could make me something in purple and silver to compliment the outfit I'd be wearing. And these are the beautiful pieces she produced much to my delight. I will wear them with pride and joy. Click to enlarge photos if you so desire.

I'd advise anyone wanting some unique jewelry made to contact Judie Muncy at the website or numbers above. I own another like-jade bracelet she made and I have my eye on another piece in the gallery gift shop that has a ton of tiny beads sprouting like jewels on a vine of another bracelet I'd love to own. Her work is exquisite and often unusual which I like. I like to look different than all the others! ;-) Judy and her business partner, Phillipa, have both won many awards for their fine jewelry.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. You are going to be a knock out at that wedding. Dont you know the bride is supposed to be the knock out!?... LOL
    It goes great with that dress color. I love the crystal piece she added to the earing with just one on each earring.

  2. Lynn they are gorgeous... the color and forms are so majestic and grand...
    and they match the dress very well...
    though i think your kind and beautiful face... with your illuminating smile is matchless...

    you will shine in the wedding like

  3. i agree, these are just gorgeous. Good for you for having jewelry made especially for you. She is a talented jewelry maker for sure.

  4. Thank you ladies for your validation that the jewels are as beautiful as I think they are and will make my outfit shine.
    HB you are too kind... ;-)
    and Cris, I promise NOT to upstage the beautiful bride which she absolutely IS!!!

  5. Purple and silver - always a good combination! You'll be sharing pictures of yourself in the full ensemble, I hope?

  6. Lynn- this is my favorite colour combination. Purple and silver. They are beautiful pieces... truly. The wedding will be so much fun. Hope you are well!
    p.s. the figs look delicious


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