Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cocktail Mas-kerade

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After the wedding ceremony we all went into the lodge and donned masks (well, I carried mine so I could take photos of everyone elses) and drinks were served and merry-ment made while the tables were being set up outside for dinner. I liked the colorfulness of it all, the gaiety...even the kids got into the act.


  1. Oh my I want to sing MASCARADE From Phantom of the Opera here. lol
    Some cool masks. Looks like fun was had here.

  2. PS...Wheres your mask you made and did DH wear one?

  3. Cris, the sequins on my mask kept coming off so I did not even bring it. My brother had bought me one with feathers some even purple so I held that one. And NO, DH did not wear a mask. He never wanted to and he didn't participate in that gaiety. LOL Not his cup of tea. I guess we were spoil sports in the mask department. But others seemed to enjoy it.

  4. Well, that's different. Love the photos all arranged in a group like that. Sounds fun.

  5. this is a great idea. should've been a prize for the most original one.


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