Monday, August 18, 2008

It was everything beautiful, full of love, a truely wonderful wedding

The Katuba: The signing of the marriage contract or agreement My Dear Brother and Me DH and Happy Mother of the Groom DH and my Lovely Daughter and GD Bride, Groom and Groomsmen Blessing over the Wine (Kiddush) Standing Under The Chuppah (borrowed from my daughter's wedding 6 yrs ago)Son's step Brother is Officiating, Who said: "I am not a rabbi, but I can act like one, and he did...beautifully) The Happy Bride and Groom We returned home late last night from the most wonderful four days in Mt. Hood and Hood River, Oregon for the occasion of my son's and daughter in laws' wedding. This was the most well organized, orchestrated, down to the tiniest detail wedding that these too young people did themselves (with help from a few friends/family members, but mostly they did it all.) I was so impressed from the moment we arrived at our hotel to find a basket on the bed filled with gifts and goodies from these two love birds. I wore the beautiful green silk scarf from the NY Met Art Museum gift to the meeting with bride and groom and all the parents. (Two sets each) over dessert and coffee at another elegant lodge. The following day a group of us,including bride and groom, hiked up to a lookout to Mt. Hood. A spectacular view. Our Mt. Hood hotel served scrumptious foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And we got $10 vouchers for each breakfast there. Friday afternoon was the rehearsal followed by the rehearsal dinner...a salmon buffet with huge flowers on the food platters adding to the decor. At each event I had time with both my son and his beloved together and separately. I felt so included in every aspect of this event. Saturday we rested up, after my brother and I took a long walk up and back totalling 25 blocks before heading out the 20 minute drive to Mt. Hood/Big Foot Lodge where the wedding would take place. On this walk, I happened to look down at my feet and found a business card on the sidewalk, on which the name was the same as my daughter in laws. (She does not live in this town, nor had she visited it recently). When I told her about the card she said it was indeed her card. It just seemed serendipitous that I should find it on her wedding day. The guests arrived at the lodge all dressed in their finery. Women in beautiful dresses and men wearing black tie in tuxedos. It was very elegant. The only thing we would have changed if we could would have been the weather. It was HOT OUT. And everything was outdoors and it was one hundred and four degrees! We were pouring sweat. They handed out fans for all and they were used well. We were there until 11:30 at night and I did not need the shawl I hurriedly crocheted at the last minute. I had taken off my little jacket to dance...2 Israeli dances and faked one modern dance! ;-) The wedding ceremony was beautifully designed in a mix of Jewish customs and what I will call new age nuances. There were speakers and actors/poets performing, musicians playing, singers singing, blessings spoken, glass was awesome to behold and love flowed throughout the audience of 125 guests and between the groom and bride. And Now They are Man and Wife


  1. lump in my throat reading this, took me back to the beach in Australia where we experienced the joining of our son and dil only 9 months ago,what a truly memorable experience, can't wait to see the photos. hugs and mazeltov again.

  2. wow seems all was so majestic and magnificent...
    congrats again on this beautiful union...
    looking forward to seeing it in photos...

    love to you and blessings for the happy couple...

  3. wow.. sounds like a lovely event. How did they manage to have it all go off so well. They make a lovely couple. Hope you post more pictures. You have a lovely family Lynn. Be proud of it. :)

  4. So lovely, Lynn. Their smiles in the last photo say it all, no? Love the banner photo of the hands too. Everyone looks so cool, I mean hot. Tee hee. A lovely way to start a marriage.

    So sad to hear about your young client. How heartbreaking to leave behind three young children. Life is strange and hard sometimes. So unfair. Not that life is supposed to be fair really, that is a human/man made concept. Prayers to the family.

    Thank you for all your kind words on my sister in laws death. The church service was lovely, the wake was heart felt and I hope made my brother feel cared for as he adjusts to a new life without his wife. We placed pictures of his wife around the house with candles and little vases of flowers I picked form the garden and symbols of the things she loved. I took no pictures, it seemed too intrusive. Now, on the processing of it all inside. Mom tired and weary just from the news of the death and she did not participate in any of the ceremonies but stayed by herself at home. Looking quite frail. Be well, suki

  5. So Beautiful - Lovely family

  6. Thank you all for your sweet blessings and good tidings for my son and his lovely wife. And your compliments on my beautiful family. It was a wonderful occasion.

    If you read Suki's comment you know that sad things happened to, the loss of Suki's SIL just now after a long illness; and my coming home to learning a young client of mine had died. Hard having such sadness on top of the joy...but this is life isn't it?
    Life and Death. It makes one ponder and appreciate...count your blessings, enjoy every minute of every day, don't waste it. Make it count. Life is precious.

  7. oh you added the photos...thanks for letting me know, Lynn...

    really really enjoyed watching them and all those happy faces made my heart leap with joy... i called my husband and daughter to come and watch your happy family and the graceful bride and groom...
    they send they blessings for the happy couple...

    my husband says the photo "blessing over wine" is a superb shot... the light, the colors and the composition are excellent... as if from a hollywood movie...

    sorry for your young client...
    yes... ce la vie... we should cherish all the moments we have...
    love to you for making some of them bright with love and beauty...

  8. Dear HB: Thanks again for your blessings all of which are being sent on to the couple.
    And thanks to your dear husband and his lovely compliments for that particular photo of the hands and wine cup. I had a front row center seat that allowed me to just sit and click away what was right in front of me! I loved being able to capture the moment on camera to enjoy over and over again.

  9. What happy photos they are too.
    hey and your bro and dh look so alike, isn't that incredible?

    what a lovely day for one and all, and what a handsome son you have too. hugs.

  10. Dear Soulbrush: funny you mention the look-a-likeness of brother and DH. Yes, Brother got complimented on doing such a good job of walking me down the aisle. How funny! Of course it was DH who did that!!! We call them the "Smith Brothers" from the two bearded men on the Smith cough drops box if you have that in England. DH is taller, but the beards confuse people!

    Thanks for the compliment on my son's good looks! ;-) The kudos he received for being a wonderful person were unbelievably awesome. His friends really revere him.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful beautiful, touching and lovely. Beautiful bride and you looked gorgeous too ... loved the fashion show :-)
    Many blessings to you all; happiness and blessings for all the years of their lives together. Such JOY!

    Still need to go back through your posts to find the one about your trip, still unread... but I see from Sylvain's blog that YOU MET KELLY!!!!!! Cool.

  12. Thank you Lizzi for your blessings and wishes for my kids. I will pass all these on to them.

    Yes, I met Kelly!!!! I felt like I already knew her, but in person was fun! So is Sylvain. We had a wonderful visit with them.

  13. What a wonderful post Lynn - and such a beautiful wedding. Your family is so beautiful! I also thought that DH and brother were one and the same and was a bit confused but you've explained it all.

    Mazel tov to your whole family.

  14. have you come down from cloud nine yet? see my blog for mention of your wonderful quilt again. love it and you too. hugs.

  15. Mim, two men, both bald, both wearing glasses and both with white beards...hard to tell them apart...yes...both sweet men, caring men, good to me, I am lucky to have a brother and a husband who treat me so well. Both fun to be with btw too!

    Oh Soulbrush, do I have to come down from this cloud? Nope, still floating a bit and will for a while.Feels good.

    Thanks for your continued kudos and apprecation for the art quilt I made you and for showing it once more on your blog.
    Everyone should go see Soulbrushes art she has hung in her home! Its quite wonderful to see.

  16. What a fun and beautiful ceremony. Thank you for inviting us!

  17. Mazel Tov to all - love the ketubah. Hope they signed the new variety...

  18. Dear Lynn, Thanks for the invitation to the wedding. Gorgeous couple, great photos ... sounds like it was a fantastic love ceremony! The photo of the agreement at the top of this post looks really interesting. I wish I could see what it says close up. Congratulations to the couple. May you have a lifetime of love/love of a lifetime. Elspeth

  19. Lynniskynni, wow, so much to look at here and you son and his wife look gorgeous, you son has your smile, doesn't he?:) Lovely is the bride and the cake, is it real????
    And: you are so very beautiful!
    I'll have to take some time to go through all the posts,

  20. Yes, Judy, they signed a "modern" Katuba, not the one where the father trades cows and sheep for the bride or where she promises to be subserviant to him, no way! LOL

    And yes, Cestandrea: YES the cake was very real, and very ediable.
    I of course did not partake, but DH ate some and I took a tip of finger of cream from his. Nummy.

    Elspeth, I asked son to send words from the contract/Katuba, perhaps he will. I'd like to read it too.

    Kelly et all, thanks for coming at my invitation to the wedding!
    and thank you all for your blessings and nice words for them and for me.

  21. What a beautiful couple!
    You must have been very happy to be there !
    LOve the contract!


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