Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lynn IS VERY EXCITED and Packing

Can you handle one more outfit to review?
This is what I'll wear on Friday night to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It's a little something old (the two tops) and something new (the pants and medallion)... (I know, I know, I am NOT the bride, just the mother-of-the-groom all caught up in the excitement. Thank you all for enjoying it along with me...we fly out tomorrow and let the fun begin!!!!!

I'll wear it without the jacket in the afternoon for "lawn games"...

And with the jacket for the dinner in the evening.

I love goucho pants. I found these at Chicos today at my lunch break. The fabric of all these are spandix and poly so all as light as a feather. Very comfy and summer feeling even if the colors shout fall. Oh, and I have sandals to match...will not go barefoot! I promise. ;-)


  1. Looking mighty good there. Nice outfit and I love your hair. Good hair cut. You are going to shine this weekend and that is going to be coming from inside you as well as the outside. Have a wonderfull time. Give the Bride and Groom a hug for us. :)

  2. Lynn you are just so funny. Thanks for the fashion shows and I know the whole event will be super fun. Have a wonderful wonderful time. I'll be thinking of you this WE Suki

  3. Suki, this is funny! I never ever hardly ever dress up so this is a major event for me. And I am being told the east coast folks will dress to the nines, so how does little ole me, who wears jeans and old shirts as often as possible polish up for a black tie wedding?
    With a lot of stressful tension/shopping/and humor!
    Thanks for bearing with me...I'll land and be back to normal on Monday!

    Cris, thanks for the ego enjoys them...this all feels like some huge costume ball I am going to for three days of costume changes... or a play on stage of which I have a minor role, but will be seen in the lime light of it all. Just a tad intimidating!

  4. Looks Great, Have a great time!

  5. those colours are wonderful with your hair colour, although i am not fond of black near the face, the blouse does it here.
    i think that you should shock em all and appear barefoot!
    have a fantabulouseslily great time mil.

  6. Wonderful outfits! Chico's is one of my favorites - enjoy the ease of the clothes and the fact that they can look "dressy" when needed and carefree at other times.

    ENJOY!!!! and Mazel Tov

  7. What a great outfit--looks very dressy, but comfortable, too!

    Hope you have fun this weekend! I'll be thinking about you.

  8. Ah!
    I have missed all of your primping and preening

    A wedding you say?
    How splendid
    I am happy for your son
    All the hope and promise of a new life
    With someone special

    And you the mother of the groom…
    And the best dressed of all!

    Enjoy the day and all the people

  9. lovely outfit lynn and, my goodness, I am so impressed by your speedy creativity with your shawl below! The shawl is beautiful by the way.

    I was out with the twins last week, and one of them said she also loved goucho pants. I asked her why they were called "goucho" and she had no idea. Do you??

    How much fun to be caught up in the excitement :)

  10. Thanks to all for being happy for me and even excited some too...
    I'm home now, just, (Sunday Night), tired, and needing sleep.
    I will post more details of a truely wonderful long weekend soon.

    Goucho pants are called this: I think for Spanish South American Cowboys who wore pants in this shape/style!

  11. you look gorgeous...
    it's a good color on you...


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