Tuesday, August 12, 2008

In the Cool Cool Cool of the Evening...Tell Them I'll Be There...

The groom to be, my son, sent out an email on Sunday letting us know that it might be cool in the evenings at the wedding, and this event is outdoors: ceremony, dinner, reception etc. So...I ran to the yarn shop (Michael's actually) and purchased Silver Heather Jiffy yarn, some black Jiffy and some sparkly silver/black angora for trim and a big fat red Speed Hook. And came home and crocheted all day Sunday and Monday evening to finish up this hopefully dressy enough shawl that would also keep me warm if need be. What do you think? This also qualifies for being Creative Every Day! Oops, I forgot my silver sandals!


  1. WOW.. That will keep you warm. Wow. Thats a lot of work you put in there for such a short time.
    Looks like it will go with the silver sandles too. oh you werent wearing them.. lol but it does look fabulous Darlin'. :))
    You amaze me.

  2. PS. Forgot to say..that you look slim & tall standing there in your finery. :)

  3. Thanks Cris,
    As for tall, well, hard to do at 5'3" short, but slim, yes, that part is true...16 lbs down since January and it shows to me too.
    Hopefully I won't have to cover up too much of the evening...and I can dance the night away in my purple finery! ;-) Let the fun begin!

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  5. Wow - amazing that you made that shawl in two days! It looks great and cosy too.

  6. The shawl looks warm and cosy. I can see your matching toes, even though the shoes are gone. See, deep inside I think you WANT to be barefoot at the wedding. :) That is some speedy crocheting too. Have a wonderful time. Do you think your son is getting nervous???

  7. suki you make me laugh...maybe so about being barefoot at the wedding, which you would remember as plan A.

    not sure if son is nervous, but DIL to be said she had a melt down the other day...understandable.
    I am feeling the stress of all this, she must be even more so with so much to organize.

    Elspeth, those speed hooks are fast!

    Glad you both/all give thumbs up on this shawl.

  8. Lynn, it's gorgeous and you look stunning! Wishing you and the happy couple a wonderful day!
    Love from Brisbane,

  9. love it, lynn!! that's perfect for a cool wedding!

  10. Thanks Linda and Leah. I won't freeze that is for sure, and it WILL be in the 50's in the evening there. I appreciate all of your good wishes for the young couple too.

  11. it's a beautiful shawl and I am amazed that you made it in two days! How clever!
    Have fun!

  12. simple but impressive...
    a real queen...

  13. Holy Hannah, you made that in two days! I'm floored. It's just lovely and looks wonderful over the dress.


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