Saturday, August 9, 2008

Spa Day!

Getting ready for my son's up-coming wedding is becoming an obsession for me. Today I spent more time and money on my person than I spend in a month of Sundays/a life time/a long time/ever/...but I had a fun day, a fully self pampering day and I enjoyed every single moment of it. Let me walk you though my Day at the Spa!
First I waited for my first of three appointments in this huge waiting room.
Jennifer came to get me and led me back to her little dimly lit room where she would preform magic on my eyebrows. I happen to come from a family on my father's side that sported rather thick lush eyebrows. My DH has always referred to them as "caterpillars". Jennifer's job is to tame them, shape them to look more becoming.
When I got home today, DH said that they now look like "anorexic caterpillars".
DH has quite the sense of humour.
Jennifer did a very good job that made me happy with the results ; and then I went to Rose Ann who would color my hair and wash, trim and style it for me. She has been my hair stylist for many, many, many years and I always leave her station looking better than when I came in and happy for our time together, talking and laughing and laughing and just having a positive good time.
This is me taking my own picture in her mirror with all the magic goop on my hair waiting for the mysterious changes to take place...and they do! ;-)
Next, and final appointment for the day was with Kathy, who has her own little room too, with one huge comfortable chair and this lovely tub of hot/warm water with jets pulsating around it onto my legs and feet. It is Kathy who suggests I smell the mulitude of bottles of minerals and lotions she has and pick the ones I want her to use on me. Then she applies a cream for my hands and arms as I stand before this round modern sink and she massages my hands and arms up to my elbows. My hands and arms feel like silk when she is finished. Then I get to sit in the huge chair and dunk my feet into the pulsating waters. Kathy then spent time giving me a luxurious manicure on my both hands taking her time and making my hands and fingernails look like they belong to a movie star. At least I felt I was getting that kind of grand attention.
And then my feet and legs up to my knees get massaged and rubbed with lime minerals and lotions. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Can you feel what I felt? Can you imagine the luxury of all of this?
I might mention here that the pedicure was a gift for my birthday from my best from childhood friend, Patty. Thank you Patty. This is a gift of a lifetime.
Kathy then uses her tools and gets rid of every old cell on my skin until both feet look and feel silky smooth.
We had discussed what I'd be wearing to the wedding and she pulled out a little bottle of very purple very irridescent nail polish for my toes. (I've only had a few pedicures in my life time and the use of color is new for me. But I have to tell you I am just delighted with my purple toes that match exactly the big stone on the beautiful silver necklace I had made to wear with my purple dress for the wedding! My fingernails are more subdued with a clear polish that has just a hint of pink tone to it that will give me " a finished look" Kathy said.
I felt very finished after this long day at the spa. Very relaxed. And very, very beautiful from head to toe.
I recommend giving yourself such a day sometime, it is so worth it. All three women said they have male clients too. ;-)


  1. yes you are obsessed, but in a good way. i could never do this type of thing as the smells and perfumes and heat and wierd angles of my neck would just finish me off...but it does look so goood...can't wait to see the finished result on the day, and photos of the happy couple too.

  2. oh what a wonderful day...
    and now i'm just dying to see you all dressed up ready to go to the wedding...
    may all your moments brim with happiness and joy...

  3. Dear Soulbrush: I don't know what salons are like in London, but this little local shop is absoulutely pristine with no "smells" (I had to practically push my nose into the bottles to catch a scent of the minerals Kathy used on my legs and arms)... no heat other than the very comfortable temperature my legs and feet soaked in...and no weird angles at all. My neck and the rest of me were relaxed throughout the day. I floated out of there...When you come to visit I'll take you there, you'll LOVE IT!

    Human Being, I promise you lots of photos from the wedding! Thank you for your good wishes. It will be an awesome weekend and wonderful wedding day.

  4. Oh this looked like fun. I so want that foot bath right now. I love having polish on my toe nails in summer. But I do it myself. how fun it would be to have someone else do it. probably look a lot better. :)
    Like I said before, You're going to be a knock out on wedding weekend. :))Coming soon too....

  5. What a fun day. I love going to the spa for a day, getting pampered but can only take that much attention for a few hours. But it's fun once in a while especially for such a great occasion. Your dress and jewelry are so wonderful! Purple and silver are a great combination.
    Have a wonderful, wonderful time and yes...we want pictures!

  6. How wonderful that you got a day of pampering. We all need that now and again. Hey, I also got purple toenail polish before the wedding in Toronto and they were still purple for another wedding we went to this past weekend. Sylvain does my pedicures.

  7. Ooooh, sounds wonderful. I've been feeling very very very overwhelmed lately, with school board, school starting, hubby's new job, dog issues, and not very much art. I think I need a day like this...

  8. I cannot encourage a day of pampering once in a while for everyone enough! I just look at my purple nails now and smile remembering how good it felt to soak my feet and be massaged.
    She told me the finger nails would not last so I bought a little bottle of the polish she used so I can re do them by next Saturday if necessary. She told me to put a thin coat of top coat on them every few days between now and then as well. This is such a "special occasion" thing for me.

    Karen, I hope you get over being overwhelmed real soon.

    Kelly, I'm glad your purple nails lasted for two weddings! ;-)

    Mim, thanks for the kudos on colors and garb...yes, there will be tons of photos.

    Cris,thanks for your warm thoughts and words and I am sure you do a bang up job on your own nails.

  9. Oh what lovely little toes you have:)
    a big hug from me and you will be a beauty!
    Have a great time

  10. ohhh. i like your toenail color, lynn. yes, everybody deserves a day at the spa. i strongly believe and practice that when I can! i booked a spa appointment on the weekend after my last day of work (knowing the last couple of weeks would include some long days as I tried to finish up).

    like HB, I can't wait to see the pictures of the wedding.

    Lynn, your comment on my blog made me laugh :) oh yes, I know -- I follow in the footsteps of many men and women who were "earthy" way before ... my teen years were in the eighties -- when there was so much focus on power, economy etc. I wanted to study environmentalism at school, but there was no such program! (there are now). So - yes - there was a bit of a resurgence in the late nineties!
    talk to you soon :)


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