Friday, August 8, 2008

Meet Terry Busse and Enjoy Her ART!

This evening DH and I drove to Davis to the Davis Art Center to see a show of Terry Busse's art quilts, the wonderful quilted art of a woman I have come to know through her blog. She only started making her large quilted pieces last spring she told me, and they are wonderfully delightful pieces. She writes little stories and/or poems that go with them. I was amazed at how many she turned out in this short time, the details each contains, and how wonderful they are in every way. I took lots of photos but I'll tell you photos do not do them justice. I had seen some of these on her blog, and I did indeed fall in love with them there, but close up and real is a whole other story. The colors, the fabrics, the textures are so alive and cannot be captured 100% by the best camera. So I felt very fortunate to be there to see them in person. So take what you see here and multiply the beauty of them many many percentiles to realize the full depth of their wonder and awe inspiring greatness. All her works are for sale too. You can contact her at or at I enjoyed meeting Terry too and talking to her. She recognized me first, which was really fun. She startled DH I do believe by telling him she recognized him as well (from my blog posts of course!) Terry reminded me that she found my blog when wanting to learn how to add her stories to cloth and I told her how. I felt good to see that she did that and had her stories on cloth hanging by each art quilt, and will sew them to the backs later on as I do on mine.
Davis Art Center
To meet Terry Busse, the art quilt artist and her beautifully quilted stories I was entranced by her attention to detail DH and I loved the pockets on this apron we could poke our fingers in... Lynnie Penny Popcorn is a story that went with this quilt about her mom I'd like to know more about... I loved how the veggies laid in the field behind the barn here...
and the wonderful swirls in the sky above... I was happy to see Terry got her stories printed on cloth for all to see and read... There was quite a turn out I like the way Terry layers her layers and leaves frayed edges... And of course I was drawn to this big fat cat sleeping in his red chair.... We compared notes about our husbands old V W vans from the 60's... and one more close up of those delightful pockets!!! Remember to click on photos to see them larger and enjoy the details... If you are in the area to see this show! You won't be disappointed. ;-) I do hope Terry and I will meet up again before too long!


  1. Wow these are great.. How fun you got to go. I will have to go check out more of her work. Thanks for sharing all this. How cool she recognized you too.

  2. BTW I like them all but I think the cat curled up sleeping in the chair is so cute. :)

  3. Bright colorful quilts and sounds like a new friend in person for you. Interesting the way she did the stories on separate quilt papers next to the quilts. I think if you gathered all the quilts you've made in the past months you too would have enough for a one person show. thanks for the trip to the gallery.

  4. Wow Lynn!
    Looks so nice. Thank you for the kind words about my art. Thank you thank you. Your pictures are such great quality too. I have a good camera but am still struggling to get consistently good photos. I may indeed ask for a copy of one or two.
    Last night was fun, although I had butterflies in my stomach all night.
    Thank you so much for coming
    Yes, lets do meet up again

  5. these are fantabulous, nothing like that over here, maybe you and she should start a shop here in london!

  6. wowwwwwwwwww!
    i just sat there looking at them... scrolling up and down watching them again and again... suddenly i remembered i should put a comment on these...
    cannot say anything except that they are soul-reviving...

  7. Yes, these works of art are awesome to behold. Sweet thought Soulbrush, that we open a shop in London. I'll check with Terry and see when we can leave! ;-)

    Thanks Suki for your vote of confidence for my own collection of work. Terry has inspired me and I am working more on my GD's art framing it and making it hangable.

    Bob and Cris, yes, aren't the photos nice...they really pop out almost as well as the real thing! And Cris I love that cat too.

    Yes, Human Being, me too, I too go back and look at them again and again. Wouldn't your little girl just love them to pieces? I know my grandkids would.

    Terry, you can be very proud of your art. It's obvious how well received it is, here and at the show!

  8. aThis is a wonderful tribute to an amazing artist. Great photos

    I hope to get down to see Terry's show soon.

  9. Farm Lady I do hope you make the show. It is amazingly wonderful.
    Terry's art makes me smile just thinking of it.


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