Thursday, August 7, 2008


A HENRY V NEWS REPORT: We are having a new roof put on our 20 year old house! Poor Henry was totally freaked out by all the clomping of men, hammering of shingles, and general shaking of the house *pictures falling off the walls in my bedroom, as he hid the day away under my bed yesterday.
Today will be day two as they use power tools to staple/nail new shingles to the roof top. I hope Henry survives the stress of a second day of clomping and hammering. And I pray the roofers finish the job today so he can go back to his normal much calmer cat life.


  1. poor Henry... how stressful for him... you've shown his anxiety very well...

    you grandchildren's art in the header is fantastic...

  2. Hooray for Henry! (Suggestion for if you ever make this into a comic book ... or comic plaques or cards or something). When workmen are over, Jasper either hides under the bed or he escapes and runs off for the whole day. Who knows where ... I need to get a catcam. Did you ever see this?
    Click on cat cam and see the pics.

  3. My cats have been spending a lot of time under the beds too due to the many many many thunderstorms. Poor Henry.

  4. Poor Kitty!! Bailey hides in the basement when new people are around, as you know, but she comes to investigate. Loud noises are another story, she will run and hide till they stop.

  5. Poor Henry. Cute Drawing. :)
    Did they get the roofing done today? Can he relax now?

  6. PS. Two of my cats run and hide under something when something is going on. The other one sticks her nose out to see whats going on.

  7. aaaawwww, poor little cat...snuffles is terrified of thunder and fireworks the new header, it's the best!


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