Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Save The Date!

Remember my Life's Crazy Pieces art quilt? I entered her in a contest for artists over sixty five in New Zealand which will be held in October 2008. If you want you can cast a vote for me THEN, between October 1 and October 5th. If I win I'll be one of 12 out of 300 pieces selected to be in a calendar for 2009. The voting site is: Don't do it now, but save the date and do it then if you like.


  1. oh how fun.. you will have to remind us tho. I will vote for you.

    I am loving what you are doing with your Grand daughters Art. It is Fantastic. :))))

  2. Will do. I put it in my diary so I'll remember. Love your new header.

  3. Of course I'll vote but do remind us again please. I echo Cris re; your banner. Sooooo cute. She must feel proud to have her art up there. Good luck in the New Zealand exhibit. Be well, Suki

  4. Suki, I owe being in this contest to you of course! That's how I found my way to New Zealand!
    Thanks for your vote of confidence.

    Thanks, Cris and Elspeth too!

    Glad you all are enjoying my GDs art. So am I. It is so sweet to work on.

  5. oooh yes i will too, but i definitely need a reminder too.
    how many days to the wedding?

  6. And I'll be sitting my exam on Oct 7. A big week for us both!!!

  7. Soulbrush, the wedding is ten days from today! It's a big week long affair and we'll be there two days before the wedding to join in the festivities. Excited!!!

    Bad faery: good luck on your exam.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed for your success too.

  8. Loving the new header too!! :-)

    Of course I will be voting for you :-)

  9. we'll all vote! Have so much fun at the wedding,


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