Sunday, August 3, 2008

Grand daughter's Art And Grandma's Creations: work in progress

I am going to meet another blog land artist, Terry Busse. If you don't already know her art you can reach her blog via my blog roll on the right panel here. Her art for children is absolutely delightful and the poems she writes to go with them sing them alive! Take a look.

On August 8th she is having a show at the Davis Art Center, in Davis CA. The reception is on that day from 4-6PM. I hope there is a huge turnout. It will not disappoint.

Now my grand daughters art:

My grand daughter, who informs me that she is now "3 and 3 quarters" drew these pictures for me after I told her I would sew them onto cloth and make something for her out of them.

The first picture is a castle as you can clearly tell...and her rainbow, butterfly, sun, heart and flowers around the door of the castle. I have copied it onto paper and top sewn it free motion onto a piece of muslin careful to follow all of her artistic lines. Then in the second photo I painted it with "paint stiks", which are a dry crayola like medium but are really oil paint based.
This one is two girls, I think she said it was her mom and herself.
Here I have played with my new oil based "paint stiks" ...making a mess of things,
and may have to do this one over...Grandma may be way more than 3 and 3 quarters,

but she is still a beginner in this art realm.

We are having fun though!



  1. When you're that age those 'quarters' mean a lot!

    Definitely got another budding artist on your hands:)

  2. Totally darling. What a gram you are. I would have been thrilled to see my three year old artwork on a quilt. So affirming. I love these.

  3. Yes, BF I agree! She enjoys drawing and doing other crafts as well. And she and her brother are very aware of the things I "make them" and bring them out to show me. They seem to enjoy playing with the little quilts especially.

    Thanks Suki, That is what I am hoping for that they will feel affirmed and that it will encourage them to "create more and more." Why wait till they are sixty to have such fun?

  4. These are cute.. You know what they say.. you're never to old to play. :)) Well if they don't they should. :)
    These kids will have the best memories of their Grandma. What a legacy you leave them.

  5. Wow, those are amazing drawings, esp for a three and three quarters year old. I love that you two are creating together. How fun!

  6. Totally beautiful, cute and lovely. Brought a big smile to my face :-))

    So much to catch up on here.... it may take a while. (Thanks for stopping by so faithfully too.)

  7. you know that i absolutely adore kiddies art...and these are so gorgeous, she is very talented like her grand...hugs grand...

  8. These are great and I agree with Suki that the affirmation will be felt and appreciated in ways that one can never truly understand. You ARE a great - grandma !

  9. Thanks all for your comments on GDs wonderful art work...and on my grandmothering role. It is, being a grandparent, just as wonderful as everyone says. Something very very special being able to be a factor in a little kids innocent life, watching them discover, learn, create, live...without the major responsibility of parenting them, but having all that love to bestow upon them. I feel so incrediably blessed to have these two close enough by to be an active part of their little lives.

  10. Oh, you are having LOTS of fun. What darling pictures. I can't wait to see what's next.

  11. this is so awesome!! i love seeing what you've done with your granddaughter!


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