Friday, August 22, 2008

Grand Daughter's art Quilted by Grandma Lynn

All the art spread out on design board, with the 2 quilted pieces in the center. Click on photo to see enlarged. The very white pieces are her original art. The next white is her originals sewn onto muslin cloth, and the center pieces are finished with paint stik colors, free motion top stitching by me on my choices of fabric. Close up of "GD and her mother" she said...I wish you could see the glittery gold thread in the yellow section and in the blond girls hair. My machine finally is allowing me to sew with speciality threads!!! (Since it had it's first year tune up!) The red inner border sports hearts free motion sewn around it. A close up of her quilted castle. The blue sky has silver sequins in it that also reflect the light and twinkle when you walk past it! The border is the backing fabric brought to the front and folded over batting and sewn into place making a thick border on each piece. GD's prince and princess...that is a bow in her hair as it sails to the left. This is still to be quilted. And one more charming piece of art. There are too many to make into cloth pictures but all are keepsakes for sure. All art done by GD age 3 and 3 quarters! And sewn by proud grandma whose age is "up there!" ;-)


  1. Lynn, these are soooo cute. I love them. I can see the sequins.. just.. How wiwll you give them to her? in a book or loose?

  2. oh.. on the last drawing are you going to color that in or leave it black and white?

  3. I just LOVE the way you've turned these darling drawings into quilties. What does GD think???

  4. Marvelous. The castle is my fav. How thrilled she must feel to have her artworks inspire other artworks. You are some fabulous grandma.

  5. Great job
    And what a good project to work on as you family grows

  6. I love that quilted castle! You should start doing these for other people from their kids drawings, this is so unique!

  7. oh man oh man oh man, she is gonna LOVE this and will cherish it forever and ever more. why don't you advertise to do commissions, am sure lotsa grandmas out there would hire you instantly? mind you who needs the pressure and stress? just enjoy. hugs and wfs.

  8. These are very cute. Not meaning to choose' favourites', but I particularly like the feeling of the castle.

  9. Beautiful work. I love these. You do such lovely sweet work. I bet your granddaughter loves seeing her art come to life with grandma's help.
    I love them!

  10. Cris: They may just be given as is to hang up or play with, as mom sees fit. Not sure I'll do more than the two for her. Am waiting for mom to send some of G-son's art so I can make two for him as well. They will get them for next months birthday when they turn 4.

    Kiki, She hasn't seen them yet. Soon. I will tell you her reaction when she does.

    Suki, thanks. I love being grandma. It's my most fun job!

    Yes, Citizen, I like making memories to keep.

    Mim, if I were asked I'd do.

    Soulbrush: It might be a fun way to spend my time...we'll see. But for now doing for my own warms my heart.

    Elspeth, I guess the castle wins a prize here. I personally like the girls!!!

    Terry, coming from you this means so much as I admire your "children's art work" so much.

    Thank you, thank you,
    thank you all.


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