Saturday, August 23, 2008

Creative Every Day in One Stage Or Another

#2 Shawl: Pattern my own, just a rectangle in SC and a Speed Hook using "Grey Heather" and "Black" Woolese yarn by Lion Brand, and "Tundra" in Moonlight Mohair on the trim which is a mix of sparkly silver,black and grey. In two days I used two skeins of grey and part of black and the rest of the Tundra! This light green sweater for my GS is from yarn gleaned at a garage sale a while ago, I have enough left for a hat or more. The pattern is from a book called Style Your Own Kids' Knits by Kate Buller. I've used this book for the past two years of knit sweaters for my grand kids. You use a basic pattern but can choose motifs, edgings, and stitches to suit your fancy. This one is pretty basic. But last years for GD I learned a stitch called "boxy eyelets" that had little holes all over. While I was busy being creative, Henry V was taking a nap on DH's back pack. Leah, at Creative Everyday talked today about her stages of creativity. It made me think about my own and I wrote this comment on her blog which I'll share here as well: "Thanks for sharing your stages of art/creativity. I definitely do lots of search and gathering in thrift stores, garage sales, shops, kitchen drawers for fabrics, yarns, and other embellishments. I get ideas looking at others art on blogs and in magazines and art shows! I like the just letting it stew in my head a while too...lots of creating grows there first, simmers, then spills out onto the "canvas", which for me is fabric and/or yarn and needles or hooks lately. I have been very creative today: finished crocheting a second shawl using up yarn bought for the first one; finished knitting the bands on a grandson's sweater and blocked it; finished with some last minute flourishes at the sewing machine on GDs artwork now quilted by Grandma Lynn.(see below at yesterday's post). I can see two other projects I could work on now and will choose one of them. I am on a roll!!!


  1. yes, auntie lynn is back, missed seeing your stuff when you were on your long road trip...

  2. The back view of that shawl looks very interesting. I like it. As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of 'Anna's outfit'

    And Henry ... every time I see you, you look a little chunkier! Jasper is currently lying down on some documents I have and every now and then I hear a rip ... He loves to shred paper. Pull him away and he goes right back to lie down on them. (Hard to keep cats away from 'our' things once they claim them as 'theirs').

  3. Lynn thanks for sharing the shawl and sweater. Love the back of the shawl, the contrast. And love that pocket stitch in the sweater. Thanks too for sharing your creative every day comment. so many ways for creativity to be stimulated. Good luck on your next project and on your roll.

  4. wow.. Alot of work you have put in here. Nice job kiddo. That sweater is about done I see. Love the picture of Henry snoozing. He likes the familar smell of DH on it I bet.

  5. Oh and I forgot...You will be nice and warm with your two shawls now. one for a quick grab and one for a nice cozy curl up on the couch. :)
    I have a scarf I need to finish too that you remind me of. I better get on a roll too. :))

  6. Hi Lynn... I just wanted to drop by and say hello... I'm pretty busy here now so I feel like I've been neglecting my blogfriends... and though it may sound silly that makes me feel bad...

    Thanks for your always thoughtful comments... I'll write a happy love story for you soon... promise...

    Take care...


  7. Cris, Suki, Soulbrush, Elspeth, thanks for all your kudos for shawl and sweater...and enjoyment of Henry V.

    and Hopper, thanks for stopping by...your presence IS missed when you are busy.
    I had my own real Love Story here at my son's wedding you can see above and below...but will love reading yours as well.


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