Monday, August 25, 2008

Soul Brush Challenged Me to Six Random Things About Me:

Six Random things about me: 1. I have lost 15-16 pounds since January! (the scale bounces a bit up and down) and I look and feel GOOD! 2. I was recently with all four of my grandchildren at the same event for the first time ever. 3. I went to Israel for five weeks and stayed five years when I was 19 yrs old! 4. I have traveled in Europe, Mexico, The United States, Israel and China. 7. I have had a best girl friend for 67 and a half years now. ;-) 8. I have been with my current husband for going on 30 years next month, and I still love him as much or probably more than the first years we were together. He is that special! And I am that lucky!


  1. Fabulous six things Lynn. YOu are blessed. thank you for your thoughts and comments re: the house and will dilemma. Much appreciated. Blessings, Suki

  2. Yes I agree with Suki. Fabulous six things.
    Especially losing that weigh by sticking to it. :))

  3. yahoo, i knew you'd take up the challenge (a girl after my own heart!) specially love the fact that your 6 random things are numbered: 1,2,3,4,7,8
    man that is well cool (don't change it).
    and also like the fact that you and your four grands were all together for the first time ever. touching.

  4. Soulbrush: The numbering is a mess.
    I was changing numbers as I went, but I had no idea I got to eight or that I didn't correct them.
    I could add to my list that I have a fear I could become demented as my grandmother, mother, two aunts were...I hope this isn't an early sign! Oy. I guess that would be number 9 or maybe 5? ;-)

    Suki, thanks and glad my words were appreciated on your dilemma.

    Cris,'s a continuing challenge but not that hard afer all.

  5. 67 1/2 years is quite a friendship...something I can't really imagine--partly because it's a quarter century longer than I've been alive, but also because, apart from family and friends-of-family, I don't know anybody who I knew before age fact, over the weekend, ran into somebody who I knew very slightly as a young kid, who a friend became friends with in college, and it was so strange to be talking even briefly about our elementary school....

    Anyway, just wondered into your blog...a nicy, cozy place, so thought I might stay and chat a bit.....

  6. Welcome Yogaforcynics guy.
    I went quickly to your blog to see if you were real. You are! Welcome.
    I like Bob Dylan. I didn't have time to read a lot of what you said there but promise to go back later and read more. Looked interesting.

    About knowing someone so long...
    I honestly do not remember when my friend P. and I first were introduced. We were just babies in arms then. Maybe when my mom was doing a WWII neighborhood check with Mrs. B. across the street during a black out exercise. Who knows? I never asked mom that question.

    But I do remember playing with P. in both our yards, when we were very very young. Kids were allowed to play outside then unsupervised.
    We weren't very old when we could play outside until dark and did so every day in nice weather. We also took drama lessons together. We went to movies, rode our two wheelers all over town, roller skated outdoors, played doll house, dress up and later went on double dates to the drive in movies. All this before graduating high school. (this is turning into a blog post).

    All this just to say my 'old friend' and I are still thick as thieves (an old saying), love each other very much, commiserate about family woes, and celebrate family joys together and occasionally do lunch! It's fun growing old together with my dear friend, P.


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