Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thank YOU KELLY!!!

If you happen to visit Kelly in careful what you compliment her on... I really liked the natural oatmeal soap that she gave me to use for my shower on this past summer visit. I told her how soft it made my skin feel and how much I liked it (I'd taken it with me and used it during the rest of our long journey in June.) Today in my mail I found a box from Kelly! Filled to the brim with FIFTEEN (15) BARS of this wonderful natural soap each one a different color, blend of oils and herbs and plants etc. Including 2 of that beloved oatmeal soap bar! Now I wonder what would have happened had I made a fuss over Sylvain's large flat screen TV? LOL Thank you Kelly for your very generous gift which I will enjoy using for a year to come for sure! The box was packed with pretty tissues and accordion pleated pretty papers too. Kelly's added touch.
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  1. Oh my gosh.. how sweet of her. It looks like a quilt pattern of colors. Yes where is that Flat screen TV.. LOL
    You are going to not only look good but smell good too!! :)))

  2. Oh Kelly is so sweet. I love soap like this. they look so pretty all gathered together too. Have fun in the shower!!!! Still love seeing those hands each time I open yr blog. Suki

  3. Lynn ... I love soap. It's speaks to me about "the present moment" ... about just enjoying what you have. People are shocked when I tell them how much I am willing to spend on a good piece of soap.

    I haven't been by in a while, but I so enjoyed your posting on the wedding. What a lovely celebration - I'm so glad that all went well and you had so much fun too. What smiles on everyone's faces! Congratulations to you and your family.

  4. what a lovely gift, although i can't use scented soap anymore (or scented anything at all).seems we both got lovely gifts recently!
    i feel so bad about you not getting your 'giggles' from me...can't even remember what you wanted ....please tell me again what your choice was and let me see if i did send them, if not i will do so asap.

  5. Great gift! Nice to get those kinds of surprises.


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