Friday, August 29, 2008

Sweaters and Hats Done!

Grand son's hat with frogs and dragonflies: my first attempt to do circular was fun!
All yarns gleaned at garage sales and thrift stores...buttons from novelties at Michael's. Grand daughter's hat to match the sweater I blogged earlier. Her hat is crocheted and the sweater is knit but with this bouce yarn it's hard to see a difference. I know she'll like all the hearts and butterflies and bugs on her sweater and hat. These will be 4th birthday gifts next month!
I make a new set each year and my knitting just keeps getting
better and better. (I taught my self to knit when they were born).
Frogs are a favorite!

Both sweaters got 2 pockets for their goodies. Kids love pockets!


  1. you would never say you've only been knitting for barely four years, these are terrific. i am doing some little cardigans for our new baby coming next january.
    they are going to be so excited to get them and just in time for winter too.hugs and wfs.

  2. oh absolutely precious. wow.. KUDOS TO YOU. I would like to see the whole sweaters with pockets showing more as I cant see them well here.
    I would like a dragon fly on my stuff. how cool is that. Butterflys are cool too tho.
    Those kids have a really cool Grandma!!!!! :))

  3. oh yes and the hats are adorable too. I meant them in with the other comment. :)
    I am impressed at you learning from reading. I need someone to show me.

  4. Those are so cute. I love that you taught yourself to knit. I love them. They are going to love those buttons! Lucky children!

  5. KIDS love pockets. Gosh so do I. I often won't buy certain items if they lack pockets. You are a whizz. these are delightful. Love all the buttons and do dads. Happy Birthday KIDS

  6. These are amazing, you are so talented.

  7. You all are too kind.
    I do have fun doing all that I do for and with my grandkids. They came to earth to make my life a true blessing and it is! I am just giving back what I am getting.

  8. Those are awesome! I just love all the whimsical aspects...multicoloured stitches on the pocket, the buttons, the variety of treatments. These ROCK!

  9. Thanks Kelly, I think the kids will get a kick out of them too!
    My stuff goes over really Big with them! Luckily for me!!!


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