Sunday, September 28, 2008

3rd and FINAL post on Tribute To Jim Quilt REALLY

See Jim's abandoned row boat above his head The boat The whole finished for the final time quilt with added boat Probably the neatest back I have made to date.
No puckers!!!! Wow.
I must have done something right! ;-)
Imagine a photo of me top sewn by hand to the very right bottom of the story-letter
in bottom right corner.
Okay, DH and I had to discuss one last feature on the quilt. He wanted a picture of Jim's boat on it center front. It's a picture that shows his boat abandoned in a field by his old house. I first found the only picture I had of a boat from there and used it on the top of the letter to Abby. But when DH saw that photo he said, "That's not the boat." Jim's boat was a smaller row boat in front of that larger boat. I didn't know! So I had to re-crop that photo and try to figure out where to put it on the quilt. He wanted it dead center (instead of the colorful parrot in the tree). I wanted the colorful spot in the center to give the quilt more pizazz! So we compromised. It is now above the photo of Jim surrounded by his beloved fish. A fitting spot we both agreed. DH also insisted I put a photo of myself on the back. I did. I am not photographing that. You've seen me before! But it is there for posterity sake.


  1. i wish you had put a photo of yourself on the back of my quilt too...this is beautiful lynn, wonderful.

  2. Interesting that you and Dh discussed the quilt and compromised on his ideas/your ideas. Yes, the boat is poignant, empty, dry docked. Maybe his spirit is riding the waves. Lovely lovely quilt. You are so talented Lynn, and the back is great.

  3. Funny SB, I thought I had put my photo there...must be thinking of my Aunt Mimi's memory quilt.
    I could mail you one to sew on yourself if there is an empty space back there. LOL I wonder?
    But it would have to be a trade...for a giggle of a lady on a scale... hint, hint, hint....

    Suki, thank you your words mean a lot. Yes, dry docked boat representing his end of life so poignantly. I just could NOT put it dead center...pun not intended.

  4. Lynn,

    What a WONDERFUL quilt. The photo compromise worked out beautifully. His daughter and family will always cherish this. The pictures of Jim are great. Using his shirts will trigger many special memories each time the quilt is viewed.

    You seem surprised that the back came out without puckers. Perhaps you had a very special soul by your side as you worked on this labor of love.


  5. Terri, sweet comments here. A special soul...thinking Jim maybe, guiding my hand? He was an artist of his own kind. He tied fly fishing ties and that is an art! He was sent to Thiland by his job to teach people there to do what he did.
    He also could play any musical insturment he picked up by ear...and he learned Spanish by working with Spanish books. What an artist he was...on cars too. Whew. Lots of memories. Mostly I will miss DH and Jim making music together late into the night on all our July 4ths to come.

  6. WOW, that was fast. I love that you added your photo to the back. I think it is a great idea.
    Lovely quilt. I love all the cool thread design lines


  7. Yes, Terry, I've been told I work faster than most. Perhaps my work shows that. But I like to zip along and complete my work.

    Yes, do put your photo with your words I think for future generations. A way to keep our spirits alive?
    Glad you liked the "cool thread design lines" too. ;-)
    I love following them with my eye and with my fingers too. They add so much movement to the piece.

  8. Yeaaaaa you put the boat photo on. it meant alot to DH. so will to his daughter.

  9. Yes, Cris, the boat meant a lot to DH and I am glad I was able to crop it out of the photo with the larger boat, which was the one I thought he wanted me to take a picture of as we were leaving their home last July. Glad the smaller boat got in the photo and I could take it out and use it. It all ended well.


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