Monday, September 1, 2008

Busy Creating This Weekend: 2 Collages

This first collage of photos from my son's recent wedding is on a small canvas and is for my grand daughter, who will turn 15 later this month. That's her kissing her boyfriend in the second photo from the left top in the turquoise dress. She's dancing with her dad in the middle photo too. And with her cousins at top and with the bride and groom and her brother second row center. The purple "We are family" bumper sticker in the bottom center were ones they had out for people to share. This is heavily gelled and looks shiny in person. This is one of the sides of the same collage. I painted it with acrylics first and then glued and gelled pieces of photos to it. Remember the masks from the cocktail party before the reception dinner? There are memories from the wedding all around the collage. ************************************************************************************* This 18 " X 24" collage is for an upcoming show at the art gallery. The theme is Solano County, where I happened to be "Born and Raised" Therefore the title for this one. These are photos from my walks around town here including the flowers, and from some neighboring cities within the county. These photos are all on plain paper and I used gel on top which gives them a shine. It also smeared some of the ink, but I am hoping that will be okay. You kind of have to look at it from different angles to see through the gel. ;-) I'll paint the sides of this one today! Is this good enough to offer up to the art show at the gallery? Or is it too amatureist? Be honest!


  1. What a brilliant idea. These are cool. Is that the shine showing on some of the spots on the top collage? She will love it. I didnt notice the ink smeared. Maybe you have it at good angle. but it looks great.

  2. Lovely gift for your granddaughter. She stands out in the turquoise. Like the edges too.

    The second collage too is wonderful. I sometimes smear the ink jet ink when I print out and then use for collage. I guess it isnt waterproof.

    You have been very busy. Take care, Suki


    I just got yelled at for saying "well, it's not REAL art" in that I'm not a trained artist, or get paid for it or anything like but.

    There will always be people better, people worse, people with bigger egos, people who think their art is the bee's knees, people who hesitate. haven't hesitated since the day your started.

    Go for it!!!

  4. Thanks Mim. You are right, I have not hesitated before. I just charged ahead and got surprised as all get out!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence.
    I'll try not to let you down!!!!!

  5. Everyone needs a good boot in the tush occasionally, cold feet are good in a way, keeps us humble. But that's what your blogger friends are for! Honesty...and encouragement.

  6. put them in, why not/ they are personal, and lovely. love the top one of course!

  7. Soulbrush: Well, only the second one is for the show, as the Theme is "Solano County". The top is my GDs birthday gift. But thanks for your vote of confidence too. ;-)
    Not sure why I am feeling less than fully confident this week.
    I guess I am only human. ;-)


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