Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hint of another quilt in the works

I am making a big wall hanging/or lap quilt for Abby, the daughter of our friend, Jim, who died this past July. Jim loved wearing Hawaiian shirts. When we were there for his memorial service I took home a pile of these shirts, cut them up and am using them to frame photos of him and his family. He was also a fly fisherman. Therefore, lots of fish on this quilt too, also cut from the shirts. This is the center square made up of several different shirt pieces and is surrounded by eight other like framed 5" X 7" photos. These pieces are top sewn onto a piece of sandwiched black broadcloth.


  1. omg i know it's gonna be that first go girl, give 'em a genuine original 'lynnie'....

  2. WONDERFUL Lynn! The idea of taking the shirts, such lovely colours, and to give them a place of honour between precious pictures. It already looks good now:)
    I just love the colours and the meaning of the fabric,

  3. Lynn, this is stupendous. Oh she will love it. Of course, it is the old idea of quilts, to use clothing of ones own or loved ones. Such bright and happy colors too from the shirts. You are so dear to think of this, to do this for her. Be well, Suki

  4. Oh... this will mean so much to Abby. and with all the love you will put into it. What a wonderful gift for her, and I bet it feels good for you too to be making it holding Jim's shirts.
    How lovely - this is what keeps life luscious

  5. You know I washed these shirts and took them from a clean closet at his house...but I swear I can smell Jim when I am working with them. My imagination or is the iron drawing out his essence? DH says his DNA is on all of
    Yes, it's nice keeping his spirit alive this way. I know DH likes walking by and looking at it in process. Jim was a best friend of his since they were in their 20s. Over forty years now. Long time to keep a friendship going...great loss when one of them dies.

    I hope it won't be TOO emotional for Abby. Well see. She can alway put it away if it's too soon.

  6. Oh this will be wonderful. I can see it now. She will love it.

  7. Hi Lynn, I just popped in because I read your comment on Suki's post about ATC cards. Jump in anywhere! They are just little 2.5 x 3.5 inch cards that you can paint, color with crayons, colored pencils, or, in your case glue fabric to. Post them on your blog for swapping with anyone, or I set up a Picassa Photo Page, (through Blogger) where I can show all that I have. They're free and such fun to do. Join in.

    I love your new header, in fact, your whole blogs looks much more colorful than it used to.

  8. Great images and colors!

    This is a celebration

  9. What a wonderful idea. It's so colorful and a celebration of life! Beautiful.

  10. Beautiful idea, I would so like to do something similar for my brother who lost his young wife 4 years ago. Do you use normal inks, does it matter if it's not going to be washed.

  11. Jude: Karen, at Art in the Garage, told me to use an Epson printer as their inks hold, (I bought it and I broke it, OOPS!) so the photos on this are done on my HP printer. And these colors will fade if washed. So I am going to make a hanging sleeve and tell her NOT to wash it. I'd love to see what you make your brother if you do this.
    So sorry about that loss. So sad.

    Thank you Teri, and thanks for coming by to look!

    Citizen, I'm glad you like it. A celebration of Life, yes!

    Thanks Katie Jane for telling me about ATC cards. Now there is something new to do in my spare time! ;-)

    Cris, good that you can see it now! ;-)


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