Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reminder of Time to Vote Coming Up

Remember my Life's Crazy Pieces art quilt? I entered her in a contest for artists over sixty five in New Zealand which will be held in October 2008. If you want you can cast a vote for me THEN, between October 1 and October 5th. If I win I'll be one of 12 out of 300 pieces selected to be in a calendar for 2009. The voting site is: Don't do it now, but save the date and do it then if you like.



  1. oh thanks for reminding us. I hope you make it into that calendar. :))

  2. Lynniskynni, I will vote for you, would you mind reminding me on October 1st, please, with a little email? So that I won't miss this!


  3. I'll post this AGAIN on Oct. 1. but am reminding myself as well. You might like something else more when you go to the site. I just want to support the voting. But thanks for saying you'll vote for me. That makes me smile too of course.

  4. Thanks for making us aware of this Lynn. I'll vote of course, and glad you will post another reminder. Good luck

  5. Lynn, I would love to vote for you and am glad you will remind us again about it. I have you in my blogs to follow list, so you will grab me again when you post that!

    Thank you for visiting my blogs and leaving such great comments.


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