Sunday, September 21, 2008

How to best describe 24 hours of our grand kids first over night visit (without parents) at our house?

. 24 hours of bliss . no whining no crying . only laughter and joy . started with a trip to visit fire trucks and police cars and motorcycles . seeing Smoky The Bear and a remote control fire hydrant . seeing and climbing on piles of pumpkins . getting to grandma and grandpa's house to play . riding bikes to the park up the street . enjoying the play structures there and watching soccer and basketball games . enjoying watching men in mid-evil costumes sword fighting . playing with other kids at the park . back to the house to play out in the back yard raking, shoveling dirt . mowing the grass (pretend) GS remembering this as a favorite toy for past several years . inside with doll house and furniture; doll crib remembered from before . dolls and puppet shows . art stamps and drawing with marking pens (gift from Cris for them) GD saying "I want you to quilt this one for me Grandma!" . snacks . dinner out where they behaved beautifully and ate all their dinner . taking a drive out in the country (3 miles from home) and seeing: 2 burrowing owls, several egrets, lots of squirrels, 1 llama, a herd of goats, several herds of cows, 14 wild turkeys, and 4 full grown big buffalo! . baths before bed; brushing teeth, learning to use the Waterpik~ . story reading before bed (a stack of books) GS saying: "When I come here again I am going to play with..." . bed time without problem . sleeping through the night (no bad dreams, no getting up for any reason!) . GSon asking if "he'd still be here in the morning when he woke up?" . waking happy in the morning . playing more with toys, making music, learning letters, Both kids cuddling up close to me on the easy chair... . drawing pictures . putting on a puppet show . playing with doll house . eating breakfast outside on the picnic table . making more music . drawing more pictures . playing more with dolls . playing with little cars and sitting out front waiting for parents to come . weeding grandma's garden and finally parents arrive . big smiles . hugs and kisses and plans to do it again real soon. Now Grandma might go take a nap. :-)

One thing I am yet to "get": My daughter THANKS ME for taking the kids (babysitting, visiting, whatever we do.) It feels so strange to be thanked for what feels more to me a blessing I am being given, a gift, to spend time with my grandchildren (and children too). I thank HER.

I guess it is a mutual admiration society! PS: Daughter liked the Riding The Rails Quilt on the wall and asked is she could have it! Now Happy Mother is floating on cloud nine! Of course she took it with them~ Can't wait to see it hanging in her home.


  1. I recognize a pushover when I see one....

    Sounds like a lovely evening. I loved having the twins over when they were little (and now also). I remember peaking in on them one night when they were about 6 and seeing Brian peering under the bed. When I asked what he was doing he calmly said "looking for monsters".

    I never slept as well as when I had had them for the day and they slept over. I was exhausted.

  2. The description of that day is like a quilt in itself. I wonder what it would look like.

  3. Oh I like what elspeth said about the day being like a quilt. That about sums it up doesnt it.
    You will be riding high on this weekend for some time.:)) Nice photos. Great photo of you reading to the kids too.

  4. Oh and I forgot about your wall hanging..Your Daughter has good taste to pick the Rails quilt. :)) What a great compliment from her.

  5. i lurv reading the 'adventures of a smitten gran'....always thrills me and make me feel hopeful for my grandie years to come. you're very special lynn.

  6. Lynn, you are the sweatest grandma, and I think those kids are sooooooo lucky to have you and you to have them:) I love what you GS asked before going to bed, so sweet. All the things you discribed sound really like an adventure, and your grandkids must look forward to the next time already...
    and hugs

  7. What a great time you all had! There are far too many grandparents who don't care enough to want to be with their grandchildren.

  8. Hi Lynn,

    WOW! You mention feeling blessed, and you definitely are....but so are your grandchildren. What special times you are sharing. You are guiding and nurturing them. You are giving them so many things that money could never buy. Your time, your talents, your imagination, and most of all ~ your love.

    Here's to many more exciting sleepovers!

    Terri (Issac's happy Grammy)


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