Friday, September 19, 2008

A HINT of Something New

On Around the World in 20 Quilts we have a new challenge called "Stellar". We aren't allowed to post the finished work until the three months are up, but you know me, I work fast and once the assignment is given out I am on it. (Just how I worked in college too!) But we are allowed to leave a hint, and I did on that blog, but decided to post here as well. Okay, a hint, a tease of what I am making for my "Stellar" quiltlet. I call it a quiltlet because these are so small! 8" x 11". I am using Angelina fibers, and I did teach myself to hand needle felt using a set of needles I picked up on a trip this summer in Minnesota. There is a marvelous shop there run by Susan Stein, who is an art quilter and so her shop has every art quilters dream fabrics and embellishments and tools. I have her book (one of several she's written) called Fabric Art workshop Exploring Techniques & Materials for Fabric Artists & Quilters.


  1. Looks very interesting and I love the colors.;)

  2. Lynn - are you going to weave something with what is in that first picture? what is it? it looks almost magical!! I'm very curious.

    I like the scarf below ... ahhhh .... just in time for fall. Your comment on my little story about the rainbow made me laugh out loud! thank you for that

  3. Very interesting. I look forward to seeing the end result.

  4. oh any material in your magic hands changes into.... presto!... SOME unforgettable artwork....

  5. Lovely fibers. Looks like little eggs in there. Cant wait to see the final quiltlet.


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