Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yes, I am still being creative...

UPDATE: Top Three photos are the blocked scarf. Trying to photograph a scarf on one's self while wearing it is a joke. So here it is hanging on my design board post blocking. The white dots are holes (eyelet design). And while wearing it through the mirror... ( this was the beginning of this post yesterday...)
Lest you think I have fallen behind on my creative endeavors I will share the latest.
Welcome to the blocking of a scarf. I got this yarn at a thrift store a while back and I have no idea if it is wool or what it is. It is not as soft as acrylic yarn. So I thought I might try to felt it. But for now I am blocking it to see what it looks like as a scarf. I had to laugh at the shape it became as I was following a pattern from one of those calendar books that a friend gave me that has a new pattern for every day of the year...I just sat in front of the TV knitting while watching and obviously I'd drop stitches or gain stitches as I went without much notice. Therefore it has a very arty look to it (in my humble opinion). I love the colors and the eyelet pattern is hit and miss but I like it. Eyelets are made by a YO (yarn over) and then a knit stitch, K1 and then K2together. I have another ball which may just be enough to make a hat to match!
I'll show you what it looks like natural once it's dried and blocked.
PS: I got a very sweet appreciative thank you email from my fifteen year old GD who said she and everyone else who saw it said the collage I made her for her birthday was "awesome!" She said she "loves it".
That makes a grandma happy!


  1. Now thats an interesting scarf. Looks like a loooooong tie. :)
    I like the yarn. So it isnt just the four year olds who think Grandma is pretty cool I see. :))
    Nice to have raves when you do something fun.
    The big one is pretty cool too. When do you put that in the show?

  2. Cris, the scarf is now more "normal looking" but with wide bottoms. ;0
    And the large collage in the banner goes to the art show tomorrow.

  3. Oh what a difference blocking makes. Looks great now. but how scary to wonder if all that work is going to be for not. :))

  4. I decided not to test it for wool/felting. Had it been wool and had I felted it I would have used it for other things. It wouldn't have been a loss. It just may not have been a long scarf is all. ;-)
    I still may chance the hat and see if it felts up. It could be cute felted too. Or I may knit a flower and see if that felts up. Experimenting is fun.

  5. ha ha it's sooooo long is it for your dinosaur? you know the one that hides on your bathroom!
    lynn i love your new header, so dramatic. wow...and what a well brought up granddaughter you have, a real credit to her parents if i may say so. hugs.

  6. Soulbrush, the photo is obviously deceiving. The scarf is normal length. Not too long at all. Just how it looks running down the ironing board I guess. ;-)

    Thanks SB for your comment on my new banner. I took that collage to the art gallery yesterday and was immediately intimiated by the other art brought in for that show. I felt mine was very elementary in comparison. So getting your compliment boosted my spirits, thanks.


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