Monday, September 15, 2008

September 15, 1978

My DH came home tonight
wearing a baseball cap.
When he took off the hat two numbers were glued
to his forehead.
3 0
I looked at it and went, "WHAT?"
He just stared at me.
"WHAT???? What does 30 mean?"
"What's the date today?"
"September 15th. So?"

I met DH 30 years ago today at the Starry Plough, an Irish Pub, in Berkeley, CA.

He was the good looking guy in an off white waffle material three button shirt

with holes in it

and blue jeans with holes in the knees

across the room

I smiled at.

He came over and asked "Is anybody sitting here?"


Before he left that evening he got my phone number

and we've been dating ever since.


Hopefully I'll remember 31!


  1. Oh how sweet. What a romantic. :))
    Happy 30 years together.

  2. sometimes guys can be so romantic...other times....Not so much.

    Happy 30th

  3. Wow, congratulations.
    Isn't it fantastic you have a man (like mine) who remembers these things.

  4. I love this lovestory, 30 years! Congratulations to you too, you are sweet!

    Oh and, by the way I met my husband on September 16th, 2000:), well I know, nothing compared to 30 years, but for me it is much:):)

  5. That is wonderful (then and now)! I'm so happy for you both to have found each other and walked so well through life together.


    (and thanks for my welcome home)!

  6. OMG cant believe he remembered and you didn't - how funny. Oy is right! Thanks for the blog comment too. Cya

  7. I love it, what a funny man you have!!!
    Good guy. He should be able to bank some points with that move!
    Congrats to you both

  8. Happy, Happy 30!!!! What joy :-)

    The GC's birthday looked swell, wish i had been there to share the happy day. Much love from us.

    Thanks for your message, i miss you too... back soon I hope :-)

  9. Wow. Congrats. 30 years is a long time - and it still sounds 'new'. I like how you say you've been dating ever since.

  10. Lynn - what an absolutely charming story. Thanks for sharing - it brought a smile to my face.
    p.s. my address is new - so if you want to drop by my blog, just click on my name and it will bring you to the new address ...

  11. I am so impressed at the number of you who were touched by this particular post.
    Romance will do that I guess.
    Nice to see a relationship can last and last through thick and thin?

    DH and I said early on that we hoped to grow old together. Now he says: "I just didn't know it would happen so soon."


  12. aww this is sooo sweet! happy anniversary! and mm so timley for my post today too.. i hope we reach our 30 years as well and more! 8)

  13. wanna swap? mine would never think of this....aaaaaawwwww's not dead after all....

  14. oh yes... i'm with Cris... how romantic...

    wish you and your hubby years and years more of this sweet romance...

    love to you my dearest lynn...

  15. Hi Lynn,
    I found your blog at CED2008 - and I love this long, knit scarf...and I'm wild about the colors. You've done a beautiful job...and it'll keep you warm with style!


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