Sunday, September 14, 2008

More fun time at the Gym on Birthday and Fun with Gifts

So heart warming and fulfilling to see the kids enjoying and seemingly appreciating the gifts I made for them... GS is showing off the guitar pic his grandpa gave him to use on his guitar. The sweaters and hats were great hits too, as was the quilted art. Can't see it in the collage but in the middle row third picture across GD has her hands deep in the sweaters pockets.
My brother gave them Mr Potato Head and you can see in bottom row how funny they thought this. Remember playing it as a child using a real potato? Flying is fun!
My other Grand daughter, who turned 15 this month, received her gift of the collage of photos from my son's/her father's wedding. Lots of her in it.
She emailed to say she "loved it", it was "awesome!"
Nice to hear!!!! Glad it was a success!
Happy Birthday All
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  1. ah move cool shots. I like this collage affect. I like how they really appreciate the gifts. settling into that sweater like that shows how much she loves it.

  2. Your energy, creativity and respect for people shines through in these gifts you have given your grandchildren. You are special, as Mr. Rogers used to sing. Truly lovely.

  3. Ah gals are too kind.
    It is my fun in life to give such gifts.

  4. Lynn, these are great collages, and I love the banner too! Your overflowing creativity makes many people happy, there seems to be enough for everyone!:)

  5. you are so wrapped up in your grandies, such a nice thing to see/hear about...a real family. thanks for all your encouraging comments to me too. wish i could retire and look after my little baby bean, but it won't happen!


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