Sunday, September 14, 2008

A 4th Birthday to be Remembered

What a fun day this was! A grandparents delight to be sure. The kids had a ball, all nine of them... meeting at a gym and playing on balance beams, swinging from rings, jumping in the air, rolling in a barrel, running, jumping, flying in the air...they had a ball and I was exhausted when they were done! Each child had her/his own little ice cream cake. Before they were out of their boxes GD was peeking in her box with little face pressed up against the cardboard reporting to me: "It has a fairy on it, it's purple and (in a sing song voice) it is so beautiful!" GS's cake had a football, grass, and sky as was his wish. The kids really enjoyed and spent a lot of energy flying on these rings and running, jumping, rolling, playing in the gym for what felt like hours to me! Daughter and grand daughter jumping in air. Grandpa and Grandson having some special soccer moments together! GD playing witch in just one of many new dress up outfits...she must have changed clothes ten times before the sun went down! And she really LOVED seeing her art on quilt. Her little fingers traced her drawing...and how I wished I could be inside her head reading her thoughts at this time.


  1. Lynn,

    What a beautiful experience and what incredible memories for all of you!

    Thank you so much for sharing these very touching experiences.

  2. Looks like it was fun. I like the last shot of her tracing the drawing. She looks fascinated.

  3. Oh to be a kid again. What fun they had and Grandma too. Looks like the kids loved all the gifts made with love for them from you. You have a lovely family. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes, Kim and Cris, they did love all the gifts and created many memories at this fun, fun birthday party.

    Elspeth, she was "facinated". I can see us creating together in the future. I asked her if she wanted to and she said "yes"...very softly as she was still in her own mind/imagination looking at her drawing now on cloth.

  5. Neat! I think I would have had a lot of fun at a party like this, especially with all the soft surfaces to jump on. :) That's really lovely that GD appreciates the gift of her art turned quilt.

  6. cute, cute, cute! i'm just so happy for you...and there's an award for you on my blog too!

  7. What a wonderful Grandma you are. Lucky grandkids!

  8. Sounds lovely. an ice cream cake just for one!! Yum. Interesting party idea to go to the gym. they look like they're having fun. The drawing quilt will be a life long kept keepsake I am sure. Thanks for sharing the fun, Suki

  9. About the CAKES, Suki. Each twin gets their own birthday cake so they can feel special, and then their cake is shared with everyone at the party. I didn't mean to infer that each person got an individual cake.
    That would be a lot of cakes.

    The kids take lessons at the gym each week. So this is a known place for them. Taking their friends there is special and having the whole area just for their party is special too.

  10. This looks like pure fun, coloured, tasty, speedy, fantastic fun:)


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