Friday, September 12, 2008

Grandma Lynn Busy Making Birthday Gifts

I made bags from old fabric for the kids to hold the dress up clothes my daughter asked me to get them for their birthday... The first bag is for my grand daughter and it has dolls and clowns on the print. The second bag is for my grandson. I used some fabric left over from one of my earlier quilts (the fish quilt I made for my older grand daughter, some of you might remember). GD has several cute outfits in her bag and these are the fairy wings, and two tutus, one yellow and one pink. They both have tops as well. And she has a satiny skirt to go with the tops. And some feathery things to clip on shoes. I think my grandson will enjoy this pirate's outfit. It looks hand made, by some other grandma perhaps, and very well done. I bought the pirate hat to go with. This is a cat's outfit either could wear but it is in GD's bag. The cat ears are new. This cat has a long thick tail. Her bag also has a black witches dress, with a purple and black witches hat. He also has a spider man outfit, a super man and a spider man shirt. And bunny ears! You never know when Spider Man might want to wear bunny ears! And then there are the kids art I quilted. Today I finished the last of them and added hangers. Grand daugters castle with tabs for hanging... Grand daughter's art of 2 girls with tabs for hanging. Grandson's art with hanger...This is the one I think he will decide is a Frisbee. It sails nicely. Another piece of my Grand Son's art with hanger (the back) GS same art: Front view...This is his Serrat Period. Grandma had a full day, working on all of this, making two birthday cards on the computer, wrapping the knitted sweater and hats too. Now I am ready to go to the party! Let the wild rumpus begin!


  1. Lynn these are so fun.. absolutely adorable. you were one busy beaver all day.. way to go. I wish I had had a Grandma like you! :))

  2. I thought I was prolific with creating, but you take the cake ... the raw cake! ;)

  3. Lynn you are incredible. These surprises are just so wonderful. Any child would be thrilled. And so personal too you know what I mean. Specific to each of them. Aaron is my son's name too. Have a marvelous time. Happy birthday to the grandkids. Suki

  4. and i saw the photos and they are ad-or-ab-le!
    what lucky twins they are having a grams like you!

  5. Lynn,

    What a fun Grammy you are! I love the bags filled with dress-up clothes. They remind me of a time long ago when I was in kindergarten and the "dress-up" area was one of my very favorites. Ah.... the fun we had using our imaginations. You know, back in the time when we had snacks then napped on our towels. :-)

    Kindergarten is now filled with so many academic lessons, children rarely have time to "just be kids!"

    Kudos to you for encouraging your grandchildren to play and dream.


  6. Yes, Terry, they LOVE to play dress up. These children have had very little exposure to TV yet...and as twins play together daily, make up all sorts of games, direct each other to do or to be this and that, it's fun to listen in as they create and play...their parents encourage this too.''And to
    the rest of you, I can only say that being a grandma is the icing on the cake (raw of course, Elspeth! who sent me a recipe for a raw cake that looks delicious)...
    and for those of you who might be wondering
    I did not eat the birthday cake yesterday, I only smelt it and enjoyed watching them eat it. ;-)


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