Monday, September 29, 2008

Look What Goodies, I mean Giggles I Got Today!

Soulbrush asked us a while back if we wanted a Giggle, one of the delightful pictures she draws and paints that contain a joke, and I said YES! I said I'd love the one with the woman on the scale, as it seemed to FIT my new health routine I started in January 2008! Today the giggle arrived...

along with a second Giggle with this old woman being helped across the street by the chicken, or is it the other way around? Which came first? ;-)

Thank you Soulbrush, I love my Giggles!

And they will look grand on my artists' wall in my bedroom!

As a part of my exercise program I often walk at noontime. Today was no exception.

First I walked to the post office and mailed the Tribute To Jim Quilt off to his daughter Abby in Oregon.

Then I walked to the hospital guild thrift store and they had some real gems for me to find.

They have a 5 cents bin that was full of ribbons, yarn, and other embellishments that can be used for the ATCs I want to start making.

One of the ribbons caught my eye because it had birds on it. My SIL has asked me if I'd make her a quilt wall hanging for her den that represented her mother. Well, my mother in law is a great lover of nature. She has been an avid bird and squirrel feeder for years all year round, sun or snow, nothing kept her from feeding the critters in her backyard. So the ribbon with birds was very fitting. My MIL is from Berlin, Germany. And when I got the bundles of ribbons home I opened one bunch of ribbons that were all layered together and in the middle of the bunch was a lovely long strip of rich soft ribbon that is very German. It has a couple with the man wearing typical laderhosen (sp?Andrea) and a German crest. There is also a red heart. It seemed that the universe was directing me to items that would be perfect on any quilt I made about my dear Mother in Law. I spent a total of $1.40 for these items including the checkered cloth you see here and a bundle of batting not shown.

My walk was very profitable in all ways, it totalled 45 minutes with power walking between stops and great deals found. ************************

To all my Jewish Friends I wish a Happy Rosh HaShana, A year of sweetness and peace!


  1. And a Happy and Healthy New Year to you

  2. I don't believe you bought all that for 1-40, bargain! I have to order my batting from England as friends don't want to put it in their luggage when they come back. Bulky!
    Now it's cooled down I've got to start cycling around again.I agree with your first giggle drawing...........
    Let us know what Amy thought of the quilt
    Take care

  3. enjoy them....hope you didn't need a chicken to help you cross the street when you went on your walk!
    oops, and happy rosh hashana to you too.

  4. Happy Rosh Hashana to you. Great finds. Drooling with jealousy. I have two of Soulbrush's paintings too. Arent they great? Glad the quilt is off and away. You are quite a power walker for sure.

  5. Thanks dear women friends for your sweet wishes and lovely comments today.

    I did my crunches this morning and look forward to my walk at noontime again. Maybe I'll take my camera with me today!

  6. Wow - cool finds. Wall street won't stop the artists. We know where to find the treasures!
    A year of sweetness and peace - Yes that sounds like what we all need.
    Thank you

  7. Happy Rosh Hashana to you! :-)

    You are also the bargain queen of the USA I must say - well done!!!

    Did I tell you that I eventually got a set of Rotring pens and ink for Christmas from hubby, bless him. I have been saving them for 'best', such treasures as they are, and I think tomorrow (1st October) is a grand day to open them up, don't you?

    Happy Drawing! as well as happy new year!

    YOU SNUCK IT IN HERE. Sorry for not commenting.
    I got my giggles from SB a few weeks ago. Arent they fun? I didnt see the chicken one.. that is so cute. love all the goodies you got at the thrift store. I want your thrift store here. :)) you sure find some cool bargins.
    A dollar forty. how do you do that??? :))


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