Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lynn's Followers!

If you'd like to "register" as a Follower of Lynn, no it's not a new cult, just a way for me to see who comes here often...go to the side bar and add your click to become a follower.


  1. Hello Lynn, thank you for all your kind comments. As you probably realise I am very new at all this,
    Yours was one of the first blogs I found and have avidly looked at it for the last couple of months whilst I build up confidence.Hope you continue to peek at my blog while I get confidence to explain what we are doing here in Sunny Crete.

  2. Oh goody. Will our robes be orange or purple or a quilted mix?

  3. Jude, your blog is beautiful. I love reading all that you write there and all the wonderful photographs too. It's a great blog!
    Thanks for signing up to be a "follower!" ;-)

    Suki, you made me laugh out loud!
    I think our robes should definitely be quilted, but the colors should be individualized as this group of "followers" is very egalitarian.
    PS. I love that you added your own photo! Lovely!!!!


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