Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Walking About Town

Tired of looking at my colon story and pictures? My cousin was aghast that I would publish such photos world wide! I hope I didn't offend any one's sensibilities. I hoped to enlighten. So enough about colons. I will tell you that I have had the most vivid and somewhat frightening dreams since coming home from that event. Ones with large wild animals I have to walk around to reach safety. I imagine it is the residue of medication in my system coupled with the fear and worry about the process and outcome/results. Fortunately for me, the results were good. I was told there were no problems with my colon. So after resting most of the weekend I looked forward to a walk today at noontime between my morning and afternoon clients. It was an absolutely lovely day. I took my camera and headed for my favorite street looking for any flowers left over from the summer season. I only found a few. It actually looks like fall is coming soon. Well, maybe not right was still quite warm out, pleasant for walking warm, not too hot; but fall is not too far off now. Fall and spring being my two favorite seasons of the year. I'll look forward to those turning leaves and even rain. Have umbrella will walk!


  1. Oh Lynn these are cool. You found some nice Green things too. If one really LOOKS you can see things that are right there in front of you. Love your collage to. I am going to learn how to make one of those one of these days. :))

  2. I like fall and spring too ... and even winter (but unfortunately we don't have those seasons). I'm not so much of a summer person because Trinidad is like constant summer ... so I like he variety of temperate climates. There's a kind of joyful anticipation that accompanies the approach of autumn ... or this time of year for me. I guess because it's coming up to my birthday.

  3. Glad you liked the collage Cris. It's easy to make on Picasa, which you have, as I downloaded for you when I was there!!! ;-) Go play with it. It's fun.

    Elspeth, I can't imagine NO seasons other than summer. I am not a summer person at all. But your country is beautiful. I see from the photos on your blog!
    Happy Birthday soon too!!!!!

  4. have umbrella will walk, have good clean colon will walk, have energy, will go girl!

  5. thanks SB, I will!!!!
    You too.

  6. I think it's great to talk about traumatic procedures that we may all have to go thru one day with such forthrightness and detail. On the other hand, I prefer these pictures to that one of the lamprey colon. Lovely town you live in. Do you really get fall? Hmmm. I always thing CA has perpetual summer. The collage/painting of the flag looks like it might have wax on it? Is that yours?

  7. Lynn, just popping across to say that you are mistaken about the photo on my blog! You can look at it and even eat it because it is a raw chocolate cake ... Unlike other chocolate cakes, you won't have to worry about the pounds packing on.

  8. Suki, I do believe that was a cloth flag hanging under that tree. Not a painting at all.

    Glad you enjoyed these photos.

    Elspeth, that is so funny. I did not have time to read the words this morning, just saw the cake and thought it quite decadant and not in my humble diet anymore.
    So happy to hear it could be ediable even for me! Is it good tasting too?

  9. Very nice - lovely place to walk
    You've been busy I see - gongrats on the clean bill of health

    I like all tho collages you are doing - they fit right in nicely

  10. I enjoy the pictures of the flowers more than the colon, but I think it was good to post the colon story. Awareness! Sharing! Blogging!

  11. Hi Lynn,
    Thank you so much for your comments, it's really nice to get feed back isn't it? Like your friend Cris I thought the collage was lovely, but how do you do it. I'm in a real mess with Picasa at the moment, I keep doing posts backwards!!!!!!!!!!! Me, slow? never!


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