Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grand Babies Turn Four Years Old!

Remember the place mats I made this summer as "car art" for gifts to friends and family along our trip route? These are two I held out for my grand kids and am just finishing them up in time to add to their birthday gift stash. I know they will like the frogs. One is more hand done, the other more by machine. Maybe if you look really close you can see the french knots on the bumpy backs of the frogs. Click on photos to see closer up. Both have beads sewn on to the sandy bottom around the foot prints in the sand. And green ribbon sewn as reeds in the water up to the frogs on top. And remember my grand daughters art I put on quilted fabric for her? Well, this is my grand son's art, done on a paper plate, copied and sewn onto fabric and backed with a layer of tulle and a layer of batik. The top stitching follows the lines of his drawing to the T. I matched the colors as best I could as well. The borders are circular as the plate was and guess what it made me think of? My grand son loves to toss a Frisbee, and sure enough I tired it and this disc sails just fine through the air. I bet anything without my saying a word he will try it out too! I'll let you know.


  1. oh happy happy birthday grand for your two little sweeties. bet you can remember the day they were born!

  2. Oh these look delightful. I will be back to look at these in more detail.

  3. Yes, they came eame early, week 34? He weighted in at 2.5 lbs and she at 3 pounds. They fit in the palm of a hand really! It was frightening. They looked like little mice. But they came out breathing on their own...and they thrived in NICU for six weeks I think...lots of tubes for a while...I loved going and rocking them there...holding two at once was a thrill too. Now they are rollicking, healthy, happy, smart, beautiful four year olds! They can write the first names of everyone in their family!!!! They know the spelling by heart too. So smart. And of course you have seen how artistic they are. Good at sports too. Oh this grandma could go on and on and on....

    LOL ;-)

  4. Oh grandma, you are so superly special. Can't I be one of your grandchildren??? these gifts are just miraculous and so personal. I think that's part of the thing about them. These dear ones who survived that early birth are so honored when you take their artworks and make more artworks from them. I know it will be a fabulous day for them and for you. Blessings, suki

  5. Thank you Suki. I am just lucky, fortunate, blessed. The gifts are just little things that pop out of my head and heart and fingers to them. I can't wait for the little party at the gymnastic place on Saturday. He wants a football cake and she wanted fairies or ballerinas on her cake. Isn't it funny how gender specific they become/are? i think it is wonderful how my daughter has always been adamant that they each get their own cake. Making sure they are individuals in all things.
    Thanks again for your sweet blessings, they mean a lot to me.
    Grandma Lynn

  6. My twin nephews always got treated individually on their birthdays, but not overly so - if you know what I mean. They are special because of who they are independently and also because they are twins. Anyway...very very creative and special gifts that you've made, they'll love them and treasure them. I remember when my boys were about 4 they asked for (and got) fly-swatters for their birthdays. That was the last time I got off so cheap!

  7. Mim, the fly swatter story is so funny. And I bet they LOVED them!

    I have other gifts too. Will blog them later in the week. Something their mom asked me to get.

  8. The 'frisbee' design reminded me of my tattoo - circle with dot in the centre.

  9. Frisbee, that is great:) And the french nots on the Froggies:):)
    I love those Frogs and your stitches too. And the Frisbee, a real piece of modern art. Your artistic treasure-trunket gets fuller and fuller every time I watch:)

  10. Elspeth I will have to come by again to seek out that tatoo of yours.

    Andrea I do hope you realize the wonderful modern art is my grandson's work and not mine! ;-)
    Both grand kids are quite the artists you know! I can't wait to see their reactions when they see thier art turned into quilted pieces. Saturday!!!


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