Friday, September 26, 2008

Tribute to Jim Quilt almost done

I worked hard today on this quilt. I'd say there are at least five hours put into quilting it with free motion sewing using turquoise variegated thread around the framed photos and objects. I think it has a mix of a Mexican look and water where the fish are swimming and Jim is fishing.
I then cut up pieces of his Hawaiian shirts and pieced them together and used that long strip for the binding, which brings together all the colors in the quilt. It's pinned down and I will hand sew it into place while watching the Presidential debate tonight on TV.
These photos unfortunately do not bring out the vibrant colors in this quilt. But enlarging them will show you more detail.


  1. Thats cool. Abby should love that for sure. It will make a great wallhanging. I like!!!!!

  2. oh and the stitches look like waves. Needs a boat on those waves. :))

  3. oh my dear friend, you have outdone yourself -this is wonderfully wonderful and you did it so fast...and the colours can be again.

  4. Thanks Cris and SB. It was a good feeling one to make. I really loved doing the top stitching around the pictures and fish. And tonight I got the binding sewn on as I planned. So my name and date and a hanging sleeve is all that is left to do. And I can mail it off. I have a ton of Hawaiian print fabric left too, so there might be more of this in the future.

  5. Thanks Lynn, for your comments.
    This is wonderful and I'm sure your friend is going to cherish it for ever.

  6. award for you on my blog for your awesome talent and our friendship.

  7. I just love the stitching. It immediately made me think of water and running streams and life itself.

    Remind us again of the date for the voting! Actually I think it starts on Animal Wednesday so that should help me remember.

  8. Thanks Jude, Mim and SB....glad you like this one and could get into the water ways.

    Thanks SB for your generous award. I will go collect it now. ;-)

  9. This is heart wrenchingly beautiful. You are incredible. The free motion stitching is gorgeous. The use of the shirts so inventive. I know she will cry when she sees this lovely tribute to Jim.

  10. Thanks Suki again for your too kind words. It is a work of love that is for sure. And I agree she and her mom will get teary eyed I am sure.

    I just used the back of one of Jim's Hawaiian shirts for the hanging sleeve. Blends right in.
    So clever am I! ;-)
    And am off to buy cloth to print a story on the back. I'll blog the back when I'm done.

  11. stunning!

    i throw my line
    in my wavery mind
    to fish happy old memories
    out of present sad dark moments
    i'm blessed;
    they are plenty...

    Lynn you are a superb artist and friend... sure Jim's wife and daughter will love this...

  12. Dear HB, how sweet to know I inspired a poem from you about this quilt-making. Lovely. Thank you!

  13. Thaank you so much!! Your opinion really make me happy :]
    I've been published in a little magazine with other artists.. but I haven't published a book .. though I would like it!. I hope I see you again in my blog :)


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