Saturday, October 11, 2008

Big Draw #11 and Mat #5

See anyone familiar? Again I watched the news, as depressing as it is, on TV and drew people I saw...some of these are just dumb sketches I made up, and some are people I dumbly drew. This is Hawaiian Shirt Place Mat #5. Are you getting sick of them yet? I am going to make one more. There will be a set of six. That was the front and this is the back. While you are looking at this I am getting ready to go spend the day with my grandchildren, the four year old twins. Have Grandma Bag and am ready to go! See ya manana!


  1. oh how fun. I love just doodling like this. I am afraid I dont recongize anyone but then I dont watch the news much. to depressing. :)
    NO not getting sick of the mats as each one is different even if they are the same. huh? but they are.
    Have a lovely weekend with your favorite little ones. :))

  2. I do the TV sketching also. Those two guys on the top are very familiar but I can't think of their names.

    Love those Hawaiian placemats!! And I am not sick of them.

  3. Lynn, this is a whole crowd of wonderful sketches! I love the way your put them all together on one page, and I like the different intensities of your lines. Great sketching,

  4. Great job with the faces and those Hawaiian shirt placemats are fun but I would never want to use them in fear of messing them up!

  5. You get a lot more mileage out of TV than most people. Love the back of the placemat too, nice patterns.


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