Monday, October 6, 2008

Big Draw #6 and More Hawaiian Shirt Fun and Some VERY EXCITING NEWS

Well I guess it's time to share the good news.
I have been sitting on it for a day...waiting I guess for someone to tell me there had been some mistake...but here is what came in the email yesterday from Dale Copleland of
"....There was a huge response to the call for votes, so it wasn't greatly influenced by those who were obviously voting for a friend (sending in just 1 vote instead of 12). There were almost 2000 votes in total!Anyway, the ones in the calendar, in no particular order, are Marcy, Emalee, Susan, John, Mary Ellen, Dale, Michael, Angela, Diane, Cory, Lynn and Rae...."
So Life's Crazy Pieces was accepted/won a page in the
2009 Art Calendar in New Zealand!
I am very humbly happy, very shocked, surprised especially seeing the wonderful art of all the other competing artists. Wow.
Thank you all who took the time to vote for my quilt. I appreciate your votes
very very very much!
Good morning on Day 6 of the big Draw. I, the one who always has to be one step ahead (the opposite of a procrastinator) drew this last night. Another from a children's book cover! He's bringing good news in this letter. I'll tell you what later in another post, maybe tonight. I was busy having fun yesterday using more of the Hawaiian shirts. I had pieced these collars from the shirts together a while back but hadn't done anything with them. I decided to turn them into place mats for Sam (Jim's wife). It turns out the mats are reversible. This side with the different collars showing and buttons still on I might add. Plus one label have a textured affect. I even did a little embroidery around some of the shapes and top stitching of course. And this is the reverse back side, using one back of a shirt for an overall design and a smoother finished side. I used the binding of the same fabric as the back on the three straight sides and left the bottom looking more cut out and arty! I used a zig zag stitch around the raw edges of the bottom. ;-) I have two more to go like this using collars. Enjoy your Monday!


  1. Pretty cool placemats. Will you leave the sides uneven.

    Like Duck. Are you using colored pencils?

  2. Suki, yes, the bottom is uneven on purpose, it's the way the collars lay out with their button sides showing. I like the uneven look don't you?

    Yes, I used watercolor colored pencils on the duck and my previous drawings as well. They are fun. I feel like my little kids self coloring again.

  3. Hey.. love the drawing. You are good girl. You just needed to look at something to draw, like I need to do. I cant wait for you to tell your good news. :))
    Love the mat too. What a clever way to use the collars. She will love them. Something of those shirts for her too.
    It IS fun using our colored pencils. But wish I had the watercolored ones. oh well. The ones I have are great too. But I would like a smoother flow on mine.

  4. Cris, thanks on feedback on my drawing. These cartoons are easy for me it seems. Fun too.
    Hang on to your hat for the good news coming!

    Save your Michael's coupons for the watercolor set of pencils. You will make great art with them I'm sure! So far I have not used water with mine. ;-)

  5. I am really loving your children's book cover drawings, Lynn. Today's is so much fun. And the Hawaiian shirt placemats - love them!

  6. Aloha Lynn,
    Im interested in anything Hawaiian, those are fabbie!!

    Peace, Kai

  7. Thank you Amanda, Belle, & Kai.
    Glad you like them! ;-)

  8. CONGRATS on winning a spot in the calendar. Yeaaaaaaaa...Wonder what month you will be. Summer time?
    The head might start swelling again.. lol

  9. We all knew you'd win! No surprise there, but congrads! and your drawings are just great, and I like the placemats. Years ago I knew a quilter who was making all her quilts from old ties, buying them up at thrift stores and making the most amazing crazy quilts!

  10. Mim, thanks. To me it is amazing. Those other artists are people who have been painting, textile-ing for YEARS and YEARS and been in long lists of shows, etc. etc. etc. So getting my piece in is a miracle. My head is still spinning.

    Love the idea of the necktie crazy quilts. Love all the ideas you share with me. I found the Your design/fabric makers site and although it is expensive right now the idea is wonderful and I can see a quilt of my grand daughters drawings in my head forming and growing! Thank you for sharing this site with me too: Spoonflower

    Suki, i hope your finger heals quickly and thanks for your congrats too.

  11. wahooooo...omg, great stuff, mazeltov...i am thrilled for you, and also loving all your dreawings you're doing, there's no stopping you now.

  12. Yeah!! you deserved it! congratulations.
    I'm losing days with the Big Draw, don't know whay to do........

  13. Congratulations on the calendar piece!!!! That feels so good. You have been so productive. I love that you are using all of the shirt. Very Cool


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