Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 5 Big Draw, Etsy To Do or Not To Do, and My Garden

Day Five of the Big Draw:
I received a wonderful package the other day from Terry of A CHANCE OF RAIN of shiny book covers from a wide array of children's books to be used for craft projects (with my grand kids). Thanks again Terry. The following two drawings are copied from those book covers.
The top one from a book by Mo Williams and the bottom one from another book illustrated by Marc Brown. These are my humble renditions of same. ********************************
Remember my Bright Idea to sell my photo cards on ETSY? I found them yesterday after the BIG CLEAN of my design table...buried at the bottom of projects just finished. I have figured out the cost of making the cards, the part ETSY and Pay Pal will take and realizing s/h will have to be added to the cost. So I have questions regarding how to proceed.
  • Do you see a profit from the items you sell in your ETSY stores?
  • Would you be willing to pay $4.50 plus shipping and handling for a Photo Card by Lynn?
  • Do you find it worth your time and energy to run your ETSY shop?

Your input is appreciated and I will take it into consideration seriously before embarking on this endeavor if indeed I do.


Henry V came outside with me to enjoy some sun today...he sends his hellos to Romeo, Jasper, Snuffles, Daisy, Annie, and all the other animals/pets/family members whose names he knows but I sometimes forget so accept my apologies if yours is left out of the list. They are not left out of our hearts and minds and good wishes.
My lovely garden is shining on this beautiful Sunny Sunday. The purple sage is in abundance,
this cute vine warms my heart with its delicate white and yellow flowers, and this is the last of the Mexican Primroses that brightened the yard all summer long. Happy Sun-Day to all of You!


  1. Aloha Lynn,
    What a groovy blog you have, love the flora and the artsy bits!!
    Thank you for sharing them,
    Peace, kai

  2. Hi Lynn. I am quite new to blogging so my posts are a bit wonky! LOL

  3. Kai, welcome to my blog and glad you like the flora and art


    Fiorobbo, welcome to my blog. I've only been at this one year so it takes time to get your feet on the ground. Just have fun with it.

  4. Lynn, I love your sketches:) They are sweet and sooo funny!

  5. Lynn your sketches are so sweet. What a fun idea to copy from a children's book.

    I dont think of my crafts in terms of "making money." IF that were the reason to sell my stuff, then I wouldnt do it. IE I have never made money in my life from my crafts. I have taken in money, but not made any profit.When you take materials and time into consideration that is. So, I just set all that aside. I list things on Etsy so I have a sort of gallery. If something sells that is fun. Profit doesnt enter into it.

  6. Hi Lynn,

    The moment I saw the first sketch I thought, "Hey that's from Knuffle Bunny!" I recognized it right off, before reading the caption. Your sketches are great! Your grandkids might have fun sketching as well. Issac loves to draw.

    Your photos are beautiful. Did you take the "new" dandelion photo on the top of the blog? I love the close-up perspective. Thanks to your DH, I have a couple of your photos gracing the school's library. He is proud of you, and I can see why! The students comment on the two owls (adorable) all the time. I always give you credit of course.


    PS I would love to buy some of your cards. :-)

  7. Oh I love your sketches. These are excellent. well done.
    I cant help you with ETSY sorry.
    Can the cards be framed? That would be good too.

  8. What fun sketches. I love using old children's book images.

    About etsy, the cost is very minimal to post items, so go for it. I have a shop and really spend little time promoting it, but do know that some people market and really make some good money there. I don't sell large quantities, but figure it gives me an online shop and extends my market. About half of what I sell is local, so I remove the items from my shop after they pick it out and hand deliver when possible.

    A good way to determine price is to look at others that are selling similar items. I don't think your price is way out of line if you notice how much cards are selling for these days. Besides, yours are handmade pieces of art.

  9. I had to go back and look at your blog to see what I missed commenting on. lol
    You got all my animals but one. Nikki,
    Nikki, Daisy, Annie & Romeo
    Now I will test you on that. LOL
    They all say HI HENRY.
    Very pretty flowers. Thanks for sharing.
    Still love those drawings. :)

  10. Suki, beleive me I am not looking for a great profit from my cards. I was just looking to cover costs and have a few cents left over to make the next batch. Just doing that makes the price, well what it is.

  11. Terri,

    I was hoping you'd recognize the drawing from the book covers you gave me! ;-)

    I did take that dandilion photo...I believe these were the ones in a field that went as far as the eye could see and I laid down and shot them from eye level to the flowers low on the ground. It was a lovely place outside of Yellowstone National Park and a wonderful experience. I can make any of my flower or other photos for that matter into cards. Thanks for showing an interest.

    And thank you for hanging my "owls" in your library! I am so proud to know they are there and being enjoyed by the children in that school.

    Thanks too for sharing your knowledge of my DH's pride in my work. That made me smile big time!

  12. Amanda thank you too for your input about ETSY and selling items on line. It is helpful to hear how others do this.

  13. what a good idea - to copy drawings from kids books. I might have to do that today...
    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  14. Jasper (now lying in my half unpacked suitcase) sends to tell Henry (who looks like he's poised for a catch) hello.

  15. i seem to be awy behind on your blog this week...gorgeous garden, love the purple and whites.


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