Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grandma Lynn and her Busy Arty Grandkids

I had the fun opportunity to babysit our two four year old grandchildren this weekend. We had a ton of fun for a day and a half! The first drawing is by my four year old Grand daughter...She did this this morning right before we were leaving to go home. Up until now most of GDs drawings are of her and her mother. She and I had a little disagreement yesterday and I do believe this was in part her way of making up to me. She handed me this drawing and said: "Grandma, this is you and me. I want you to quilt it for me." ;-) You seem to like the sentimentality connected to some of my drawings of late. So it might interest you to know that the old ceramic carrot spoon holder in front of the drawing was a gift to me from my daughter when she was a little girl (the mother of this grand daughter); she also gave me the little bowl on the left of the drawing as an adult. I have two, very pretty hand made bowls from this artist: J.R.M.E C.L.A.P Darnariscotta 2003 it says on the bottom of the bowl. The second drawing is my Big Draw #12 It was "Craft Time": Grandma Lynnie makes a collage from the Hawaiian shirt fabric scraps!

It was fun to see my "Riding The Rails of the Orient Express" art Quilt hanging in their dining area. See how the colors go with the orange wall in the kitchen on the far right. The greens pick up color of a lamp and vase in the living room unseen here to the left.

See two letters of GD's name in upper collage. She made a two page collage of her NAME using the fabric scraps. I made the log cabin quilt square to demonstrate something I thought they'd be able to do.

GD made this log cabin square herself copying mine (above) and added cut out pictures from old birthday cards. We are on a roll!

Here they are with a little friend visiting for the day. She enjoyed making art too.

Kids are really enjoying making art with Hawaiian shirt fabric scraps! When I asked them today what was the best thing we did yesterday was they both said: "Crafts!" GD being very creative with cutting, picking shapes, she even realized she could make her name and did so alone and then taped two pages together to spell it out using these scraps! See part of it above 4 photos. One of GDs' collages... GS made a collage with papers from old birthday cards. and then he made a snake! It was fun hearing them say words like "fabric" and "collage" and "quilts"... music to my ears. Grandpa also played guitar and sang, and the kids danced modern dances around the room and did yoga poses they learn in their gymnastic classes! It was an art filled weekend, and full of love and fun! It was really hard to go home again, but the good news is there are some Halloween pumpkin carving plans in the making and we know we'll be invited back real soon.


  1. I don't think there is much more fun than spending time with the grands!! And yours looks like a perfect day!

  2. Yes it did look like the perfect day. and it was wasnt it!? I think GD is going to be a famous Artist one day. Wonder what way she will go with it? :))

  3. oh how wonderful! They will treasure these will you

  4. wow...
    this post gave me a lift...
    colors and art and kids...

    you're a wonderful artist and grandmom,Lynn.

    kiss those two angels for me...

  5. Perfect..........
    What a lovely way to spend a week end.
    Memories are made of this stuff.Take care

  6. I am back to see new drawings. very sweet of your GD.. I love kids apologies. :))
    Yours is sweet too. Fall colors. Is that a cat or squirrel climbing the tree? Yours was a weekend filled with lots of Art.

  7. Hello, Sorry you've had problems with my site, yes it is my daughter but no, it's not a grandchild. It's Erin, she's my great-niece! I'm a great-aunt....... she's lovely, and so is Megan, my other great-niece, both , just turned one and living in North Wales.

  8. What a wonderful day. So amazing to see those kids enjoy themselves with art. I can't wait until my kids stop eating the paint. I know it's a developmental phase, but I'll be ready for it to end.

  9. i love your energy, yo are a great grandie model, but you do tire me out!

  10. Oh, what a lovely time. How fun! I wish my mom lived closer, she is where I learned it all!


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