Monday, October 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged By Jude in Crete

Big Draw #13: First I copied a Rubber Stamp by Mary Englebert with the saying "Snap Out of It" on it. And then I sketched the items on my desk at work...
Being tagged by Jude: I'll write this up and post drawing tonight when I get home from work (after I draw something!!!)...and maybe some photos of the progression in my studio changes. Still cleaning up there too. She just listed some things to respond to: Clothes shop: Rarely, most recently for son's wedding...mostly get clothes at Target and (sorry not politically correct around here but...) and Wal-Mart. I like White House brand clothes. I like Chico's too for that special something like the Gaucho pants I got for the rehearsal dinner (but haven't worn since). Or from the thrift store when lucky. Furniture shop: Nothing big in quite a while...last big purchases a few years ago now of real furniture were from a locally owned furniture shop called Shocks. A big dark green leather recliner in our family room/now art studio. And a gold big chair from Pier One. Other than that I pick up things at thrift the crates I'm now using for my fabric stash which I'll show you later. Sweet: I gave up sugar in January of this year. So sweet for me now are dates and prunes and fresh fruit. Had a wonderful fresh pineapple I cut up yesterday and broiled some with lamb for dinner and will eat it cold on low fat cottage cheese for lunch. City: San Francisco is our closest wonderful city to visit. I also love Mendocino, CA., Fort Bragg, CA...Bodega the ocean scenery. Drink: water and non fat milk Music: my DH playing guitar and singing (sea shanties, country western, Irish ballads) TV Series: I loved THE WIRE. Film: Haven't gone to a movie out in years. Mostly see free on TV or rent from On Demand. Nothing special comes to mind at the moment. Too busy sewing/quilting/creating. Work Out: I should be upstairs on my treadmill right now and doing my crunches. I also have weight machine for pull down weight lifting and five pound bar bells I use for biceps and triceps. (muscle toning) I will walk at noontime today. Pastries: NO NO Coffee: An occasional decaf latte with non fat milk and Cinnamon sprinkled liberally on top. I had one yesterday! I tag Cris, Andrea, Kelly, Suki and Karen and anyone else who wants to play.


  1. Oh dear.. OK I will play, but later. more comments later too. Late for cons therapy session on hand.:)

    LOVE THEM BOTH.!!!!!!!Will try to do the tag thing tomorrow. time ran out today.

  3. Thank you for playing tag, it's fun to hear about blog friend's daily likes and dislikes.
    Those drawings superb!

  4. now i know so much more about you, i did this one too. fun!

  5. I looked at this post y'day and didnt see your drawings. How can that be, am I going nuts. Very nice drawings. I love the desk rendering. and the Englebert, excellent. Your hand is getting more confident. Not sure if I have time for the tag but will see, thanks.

  6. Suki, you are not going nuts...I added the drawings later in the day.

  7. Like your drawings, and your self will at staying fit!
    Well done on both! I'm a couch potatoe!

  8. I LOVE your drawings. They look great. Are you using a fine tip felt pen?

    Well... I knew that we shared the same name (your first/my middle) and I knew that we both love being grandmas…..but I didn't know that we have a few other things in common. You are a thrift store shopper like I am! It’s a wonderful way to recycle clothing, books, and other items. It definitely saves money too. I am also living the sugar-free lifestyle. (sounds a bit glamorous when said that way) I rely on fruit for my sweet fix. May 1st marked 8 years for me. I’d be fibbing if I said it was easy, but I feel better overall both physically and mentally so I plan on continuing.

    I enjoyed the other post about your recent weekend with your grandchildren. I had Issac stay over this weekend too. Aren't we so blessed?


  9. Terry it's a fine point micro pen...not felttip...glad you like them.

    It is both encouraging and inspiring to hear that you have been able to stay in the "sugar free life style" for the past eight years! Thank you for telling me this. A couple of times in the past 10 months I've tasted something with sugar in it, and each time I FEEL IT in my head, and am reminded why I am no longer eating refined sugars. You are right, it is not always easy, but important.

    Wait till I post my lastest Thrift Store Binge!

    And yes, we grandma's are so blessed!!!!!


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