Friday, October 3, 2008

Visiting Cousin Judy, Quilt Show, And Big Draw Day 3

Today I had another very fun visit with my dear cousin Judy. I drove to her home getting lost only once, but finding help in a young college student in an information booth with a computer who Googled me out of my dilemma. Judy gave me my much desired tour of her beautiful garden...
And made lunch for me in her homey kitchen...those are her home grown veggies on the counter many of which made it home with me for my dinner tonight! De-licious! We went for a long River walk (for about an hour) and discussed last nights debate, more politics, and her experience at a book talk by the author of Three Cups of Tea last night! And then we drove into town to visit the Sutter Hospitals Quilt Show. There were many beautiful quilts to see, but none we found to be the type of art quilts we both prefer. But lovely work nonetheless. These quilts are being auctioned off to support Cancer Cure Funding, many made in tribute to loved ones lost to cancer: This soft crazy quilt was Judy's favorite... I was excited to find this Hebrew Alphabet on the seventh floor (and yes we walked the stairs, my thighs can contest that truth to you as I sit here not moving)... This was another of Judy's favorites...the fact that it's title was her mom's name, Jane, may have had something to do with that. Maybe?I liked this mandala and photographed it for my friends here who love and paint mandalas.We both found the artist's craftsmanship in this piece worthy of our votes. The repetition in pattern in the fabric placed there by the artist making the pieces look like digitally produced kaleidoscopes was incredibly well executed.
It was a fun day, a delicious day, a day of art, and a most enjoyable family connecting day!
Thank you Judy! ***********************
And it is Day Three of the Big Draw
Today I visited Rowena's blog and while there read these words:
She said: Being an artist is about committing to art. Just like being a writer is about committing to writing. You are an artist if you make art. You are a writer if you write. Period, really, no matter if you never get a cent from it or no one ever likes your work or even sees it.
Rowena's words meant a great deal to me entering this third day of the Big Draw.
I was filled with doubt...thinking thoughts like "Who do you think you are, Lynn?"
"What makes you think you can do this?"
"Have you no shame competing or at least joining in with all these "real artists"?
And then I read Rowena's words and I relaxed...a bit.
And I took up my pencils and sketch pad again...
and I drew...
quickly maybe, with out much forethought...
but draw I did and
draw I will
and I will do my ever loving best NOT to compare myself to all the "real artists'"
doing the same here.
Humbly I post

Grandkids photos and joy of gardens everywhere!


  1. Don't forget most of these 'real artists', whoever they are have had many lessons and probably years of drawing practice. Whereas you are an artist making the most beautiful quilts I have seen. Relax, you're doing fine x

  2. Dear Lynniskynni, thanks so much for sharing quilt show with us, the mandala-like quilts are indeed incredible, I would go crazy with a pattern like that! I most love the Hebrew Alphabet, it is beautiful, the signs are beautiful and, I don't know, loaden with energy.

    We all have doubts, all the time, if we pass beyond them, there will be the next ones waiting around the corner, but that is ok, if we persever all the same. That is how I feel it every day. Your sketches are so sweet, I love the kid's expressions on their faces and the way you draw the details like the hair and the cap... The flowers look exotic and their different shapes and the colours you choose are beautiful, and so is the way you composed your painting. Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. you have such a cheery optimistic personality, which appeals to me a lot.
    and i agree with you, we mere amateurs do art because we do art! and that's all that matters! hugs.

  4. Lovely time you had with your beautiful cousin. Fun quilts. Glad you feel comfortable with the big draw as you and your drawings add a lot to the mix. Esp love the flower garden. And your grandson's hat and her smile. Be well, Suki

  5. Lynn, I am really enjoying your blog. It feels like I'm visiting with you when I read your words.

    You have given me courage. I'm a bit intimidated to draw faces, but I love what I'm seeing with your drawings. Thank you for that.

  6. Thank you for repeating those words of commitment to art, to writing, to whoever it is we want to be, Lynn! Your sketches are beautiful. I have been surprised at the amount of self-judgment that's been coming up for me with my drawings, and this post is a much needed reminder that in my world and life, there is no place for self-judgment. Thank you!

  7. What a fun day and all Art. Even at home drawing quietly your daily drawing. Thanks for the pix of all those lovely quilts and flowers. Love your drawings. They are you and coming from your head. Mine would be stick figures.
    I wont compare myself to the really good drawers either. I might not draw again. lol
    But the more you draw the more you see.

  8. Jude, bless you for your words of praise. I am so glad you like my quilts. I appreciate your vote of confidence in me. And you are so right. I need to remind myself, that whether I am with those who have studied art, been doing it for years, or new like me, I am there to have fun and do NOT need to judge myself.

  9. Andrea, your words meant a lot to me and helped me to ground myself in a clearer reality. Glad you like my little kids sketches.

  10. Suki, thanks for your words of support!

  11. Hidden Art: Wow, I gave YOU encouragement. Wow. Now you have made MY DAY! Thank you.
    Lovely that you enjoy following along in my blog.

  12. Belle, I'm so glad another such as yourself benefited from Rowena's quote about judgement. It helps me too to remember her words while drawing/sketching.
    I love following your and your son's beautiful drawings. He's such a doll and so talented at age five! You are a wonderful example for him and role model to follow.

  13. Cris, we have talked at length about this judgement thing. We are both so good at it. LOL I hope together we get a grip and are more gentle with ourselves. It makes me smile sometimes that one as talented as you does not always realize your true worth. But I hope soon you will...leave enough doubt to keep you pushing yourself so you will continue to grow, but also take in the kudos that are so right-on about your wonderful art.

  14. Your drawings are so sweet. I especially like the little girl, she looks sort of wistful.

    The judgement thing: it's a tough one as I think it's very natural to want to compare yourself to others but the thing is even if you are a stunning artist there is still always going to be somebody 'better' than you. Art is such a subjective thing, 'better' in most cases simply means 'different from'. For me one of the things that I love about drawing is just how individual and different it can be. Put twenty people in a room and ask them to draw the same thing and you'll get 20 very different drawings.

  15. Did not even know where to post a comment! So many goodies and your drawings are good, If I tried to draw a person who actually looked like the person I was drawing...oh help that person not to be offended! I come here and immediately recognize The VP's...great Palin!

    I also checked out your quilts, yummy! Wow, your really rock girl! Look forward to seeing more! Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Karen M, thank you so much. Your words warm my heart this evening.
    So glad you recognized Palin, now please vote for Obama! (I hope)...

    Bad Faery, thanks so much and yes, I am doing better today on the not self judging. I liked my shoe drawing and my shoe liked it too. LOL


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