Thursday, October 2, 2008

Big Draw Day Two

Drawn while watching the Vice Presidential Debate Tonight on TV ***********************
My dear MIL isn't doing well. She broke her hip a few weeks ago, her dementia is getting worse.
We are sad about this decline in her health.
Today I wanted to use the German ribbon I found and make her a little collage
of family photos on a soft background she can hold or hang up as she so desires.
I'll mail it to her tomorrow.
Photos: r to l. top: MIL and her son, my DH; MIL as a young woman
Middle: MIL playing the piano this summer when we visited her
Bottom: DH, MIL, SIL and her grandson, our nephew in the back; and me on far right last Christmas visit.


  1. Very good caricatures.
    I love them. Day two and more to come. :)

  2. great drawings, i feel for you with your are so kind, and she'll love it, i knowshe will. what a glorious sunrise as your header.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that things are not going well with your MIL, this must be a difficult time for you.
    I hope the drawing offers you some light relief.
    Best wishes :)
    oh and good drawings!

  4. So sorry to hear about MIL. Broken hip is so hard. The immobility. Gram broke her hip, whilst still at home, but the following disability sent her to the nursing home. Or my folks sent her due to her disability. lovely memento quilt you have made for her. I do love that ribbon. What a find. Great political drawing.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. That's a tough thing to deal with, for everyone involved.

    The sketches are great! I'd love to hear about your take on the debate--if you want to email me, I'd love to discuss it!

  6. Oh I see you added something more. the quilt you made your MIL.
    I saw comments coming in saying something about the quilt and had to come and see. Lovely quilt. Sorry about your MILs decline in health. Sad when that happens and so far away too.
    Can't enlarge the pix tho.

  7. Love your drawing, what a great idea, to sketch from the tv! And such a lovely collage for your MIL.

  8. Good luck with MIL Lynn, it must be hard to be so far away. I'm sure she'll love the momento.

    The drawings of the two "debaters" is great. Keep it up

  9. Great drawing. I was doing art during the debate, too. Good activity for that.

    Feel free to quote me.

    And I hope your MIL feels better.

  10. Lynn, I'm so sorry about your dear MIL, I feel as if I already met her through all the photos you took when you went there. The quilt is so ver sweet, I'm sure it will give her something very precious to hold onto. I wish her well and hope that she'll be all right.
    And oh, you must be all very insecure at the moment due to what's going on in your country. I hope for a change for you,


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