Saturday, November 15, 2008

AEDM and more on Karen's Art Quilt

I worked on this last night and got the bird house square started, and then this morning a tree grew on it, and a little red squirrel came to visit. This is a rough draft as placement of pieces won't be fully decided until all pieces are made. Stay tuned as my SIL's art quilt comes to life slowly but surely! I will bring in Ma somewhere in here soon. As it's to be a memory quilt of Karen's Ma and all she loves and enjoys in life! Whatcha think so far?


Another give away: Check it out. Neat ideas on this blog and she is giving away a homemade journal.


  1. Oh wow Lynn. I love how your projects just come alive as you are working on them. This is really really cool. She will LOVE it. YOU GO GIRL!!! :))

  2. El fabuloso. I esp like the tree and the squirrel. This is going to be another winner, I know.

  3. You make the most wonderful quilted items!

    Congrats on getting your store up and running, and good luck.


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