Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Art Progress

Can you believe anyone can work in such a messy work area? I take out, challenge fabrics, but don't put they pile up. This is my design table! Yeah, sure! I can feel all the artists out there clucking their tongues as they look at my mess! ;-) I finished another short scarf using cotton/viscose and fun fur yarns. I knit in the evening while watching TV. It's relaxing.
And the wall hanging grows some butterflies and photos...
As my nephew hangs from the tree! His mom will love this part the best I bet!
I am so thrilled that my camera did catch this hummer yesterday in the purple sage. I wasn't sure I could even see it there, but there he is. Isn't the red head beautiful?
And again coming back the other direction. Or maybe it's a different bird?
These fun drawings I did a while ago using some site that Kelly sent me to. How fun is this art done on the computer with a stroke of the mouse! Called bomomo. Google bomomo, it's a blast!
So AEDM is something that is just a usual thing in my life now. I can't imagine stopping at months end. No needs to be AEDY. Art Everyday of the YEAR!!! It's so much fun!
Enjoy the day!!!


  1. OH PRETTY PRETTY BIRD. Good shot. :))
    Love how the quilt it coming along. Cute how you got your nephew hanging from the tree and I see your MIL too with the Butterfly. I feel like I am reading a good book here. :))
    Never heard of that computer art thing... will have to check it out. Looks like fun.
    I made soup yesterday does that count as creating?? :)

  2. I love your wall hangings, Lynn! They are just gorgeous. And guess who's now playing Bomomo on his computer? Dylan is having a blast - he said thank you!

  3. Dear Belle, I am smiling big thinking of Dylan enjoying this tool. Hope he's feeling better soon and glad I could add to his fun today! ;-)

    Thanks Cris. Yes, creating soup is creating!!!

  4. oh yes those look like my sort of drawings.

  5. Lynn, when I am working on a project, my worktable can look like this too only with paper rather than cloth. The quilt is coming along and I too love the boy in the tree. Quite clever as you have to look twice to see him. You are extrememly prolific.

  6. That looks like my room when I was quilting.
    Love those hummer photos.

    Yay, you are going to sketch everyday!!!

  7. hi busy artlady, just a little hello as I was reading about fire in south. calif. oh my hope they get it under control soon, (I know that is far from you but still)
    love all your new ongoing projects:)

  8. Hello,
    I like your mess of fabrics it makes me feel at home! x

  9. I like your mess of fabrics it makes me feel at home.x

  10. Every artist must make good messes Lynn! We only clean up in between so that we can explode in more creative ways!

    I look forward to seeing more of your creative 'explosions'. Ever since I first had the pleasure of stumbling across your blog just as you were beginning to start your quilting, I've loved seeing what you've created. You live your life brightly and we all enjoy the light than shines from you!

    Thanks for the call tonight! It meant a lot.


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