Monday, November 17, 2008

Cats, Sketches And Walking in Fall Leaves and Color

Today's Post is really yesterdays events and art. I went for a walk around our neighborhood first saying hi to Henry V in his favorite spot near the front door... Having just sketched him the night before, us both laying in bed, him sleeping, my sketching...
He's really way fatter than these sketches show...
He changed positions giving me a run for my money needing to change pages fast...
And then I joined him in sleep... And on Sunday I took a walk and these are some shots of nature I saw on a bright sunny fall day in California. I just love the color.
Enjoy your day where you are!


  1. Great cat sketches! I used to love drawing my cat.

  2. Fun cat sketches!! I like the part where you all took a catnap.

    Beautiful nature shots!!

  3. Love these pictures of fall and Henrys portraits. How cute. and how frustrating to draw them live because they just cant stay in one place I have tried too. arrgh but you did good. I especially like the belly up in the air drawing. :)))

  4. Hi
    I need you email address please. Thanks for all my blog comments.

  5. I esp love the sketch of Henry upside down. My cat Emily does that. So cute. A beautiful area you live in, thanks for the winter tour. Be well, Suki

  6. as a lover of cats i don't get tired of watching cats in different poses... your drawings are great...
    like Suki i like the upside down Henry the best... think cats do it usually when they want to show their affection to others...

    in Tehran we have lots of street cats as well as those who live with people as pets... when i take my daughter to school we have lots of fun watching and feeding them...

  7. upside down henry for me the photo montage. pop over to mine as it is award-giving day today.


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