Thursday, November 13, 2008

Art Every Day #13

art inspired from my work day... By Lynn
by Lynn


  1. THESE ARE GOOD. wow. VERY good. I can visualize what you listen to now. You drew it all out so well.

  2. Wow. Simple, powerful and painful. After seeing those images I felt like seeing something soothing - illustrated healing and comfort. the antidote.

  3. Oh I love these Lynn - especially the first one. I can SO relate.

    Be careful my friend. Your drawings are getting very good. That's how I started off on this slippery slope. Started quilting, tried to draw, got a bit better and now want to do it all. am even thinking of drawing on muslin, and applique etc etc.


  4. Hey these are wonderful. I love the way you used the words too. Yikes, hope every day isnt like that at work.

  5. Thank you Cris, Elspeth, Mim and Suki...the "antidote" picture takes a long time...and yes, every day has some of this, sometimes lots of this...

    Mim, just how careful should I be? ;-)
    Like you I am enjoying stretching and growing in these arty endeavors. Only time will tell how far we can take it, hey, lets shoot for the moon? Why not?

  6. I love the slide show! When you print your photo onto fabric which product or products do you like?

  7. Chris in Shady Grove: regarding the product for photos I use "Sew-In computer Printer Fabric" by June Tailor. I buy it at Joanne's fabric store. Check out
    Glad you like my slide show.

  8. I love your art work. The first drawing is very telling, I hope it was just as theraputic. Thankyou for your lovely comments on my blog.


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