Sunday, November 2, 2008

Art Every Day #2: Finished Knit Purse; Started Quilted Purse

Today I finished this little knit purse. It's made from multi-colored (rose/blue/turquoise) ribbon yarn, and fun fur in multiples as you can see of turquoise/purple/yellow/greens.... It's hard to see the V shaped closure that is built into the back and lays over the front with a loop that goes around a purple button... This is the handle I finished today...
And this is a hint of next to come: A quilted purse...made from old dress remnants...this is the back using the satin skirt of one and the matching lining of same dress.
I love "Art Everyday"!!!!


  1. Wow.. that is cute. and you're working on another one. You will have to for sure open up an ETSY account for all these. Kudos Girl!!

  2. Lynn, I'm in awe of your talent and creativity :)

  3. Wow - what a unique handbag! It's so fun :) Looking forward to seeing how the other one turns out.

  4. Thank you for your comment. I hope that everyone understands how important it is to vote. I hope that soon I will be saying President O. I love your handbags. I will return to see what you are doing. Come on by when you can,
    Mary, Idaho

  5. I took my living room apart and moving stuff, this is a sign that I have nerves I will have a long night too. To bad we aren't neighbors, we could shake together...
    I would like to put you on my friends list.
    Hugs, Mary

  6. you... a fountain of creativity... refreshing everyone...


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