Saturday, November 1, 2008

Art Every Day and SOLD!!!!

Today I took some of my wearable art to the art gallery gift shop for possible sale. These are the scarves I've been knitting the past week using ribbon yarn and fun fur. You are looking at three different scarves here. I also took this little beaded bag I made yesterday!
I made it from a dress I bought at the hospital guild thrift store...It's fully lined...
One of the women at the art gallery liked it so much she bought it on the spot!
Needless to say I was very excited having a first sale so quickly!


  1. Wow Lynn, This is really nice. KUDOS to you for your first sale.. I can see your next few projects lined up. :)) It is a gorgeous bag, and even better, it is recycled too. Nows the time to be selling things like this.

  2. Wow - you sure are prolific. Congrats on the instant sale.

  3. congratulations on your sale. I must say I love that bag too. Once I had a bag collection which I hung in my fr9ont hall along with my hat collection. Most I had picked up at thrift stores. Most were small. Very interesting collection now dispersed.

  4. They all look wonderful! Maybe you need an Etsy shop for these beauties.

    Congrats on the sale.

  5. congrats on your sale, lynn! the bag is gorgeous and i'm not surprised it sold so quick!

  6. made in one day, wonderful, not a bag person myself, but this one is lovely. well done you!

  7. Adoring the scarves! Great colors.

    Congrats on your sale!



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